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Happytel Blogs

You may have many questions about your phone, ranging from why it keeps malfunctioning to wanting to find out how to best protect it with our products. Whatever it is you need to know, we have the answers! We'll also keep you updated on new tech that comes onto the market so that you're never out of the loop. Browse through our blogs to find the one that best answers your questions about mobile phones.

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iOS 16 is reimaging our phone lock screens
Apple just released a new software update for their iPhones, and it is reimagining how we view our lock screens. Read more to find out how!
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Happytel Mystery Bag
Happytel Mystery Bag

Surprise yourself today! Take a chance today with Happytel Mystery Bag!   1. What is a Happytel Mystery Bag?   Each Happytel Mystery Bag contains 2-5 items and the items are worth more than double the RRP of the Mystery Bag. We group items together at random and sell them for a special Mystery Bag price which means you're always getting an amazing deal on the contents of your Happytel Mystery Bag. This item might be available for a limited time only - so get it while you can!   2. What can I get from Happytel Mystery Bag?  ...

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Get up to 20% off your phone repair!

Is your phone acting weird again, such as a non-responsive screen, speakers not working or no service at all?

We have got you covered with our 50+ Happytel stores located across Australia and New Zealand. 
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More Data for Less!
More Data for Less!

You deserve to get the most out of your mobile, and what better plans than Circles. Get up to 160GB for data for just $55 per month.  No lock in contract and powered by the Optus 4G Plus Network, what else more could you want in a sim plan?  It’s time you stress less about your mobile plans.  Visit our stores to pick up your SIM card in person or sign up online to get it delivered straight to your door  Check out the awesome plans below.  To sign up at the discounted rate and get your SIM delivered, simply...

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