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With more than 5 million phones being thrown away to landfills every year, it can be a burden on your mind when you need to replace your old phone with a new one. Phones are made up of hazardous materials like lead, mercury, arsenic and more, which can contaminate the soil and water bodies if not disposed of properly. Trading in your phone ensures that it properly gets recycled, reducing the environmental impact, making it an ethical and responsible decision.

At Happytel, we offer a mobile phone trade-in service where you can visit one of our stores to trade your old phone for instant cash. Instead of throwing your phone away, you can trade-in your phone with us to get cash to offset the cost of your new phone or other expenses.

This service is available in Happytel stores that are in NSW - we are working on expanding this service into more states in the future.


How does Happytel's trade-in service work?

The process for our trade-in service is extremely simple:

1. Come visit one of our stores in-person with the mobile phone that you want to trade in

2. One of our experienced technicians will do a quick inspection to check its functionality through our analysis software and Apple diagnostic tools.

3. Once your phone has passed our inspection, you will receive cash on the spot onto your card

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Is my phone eligible for a trade-in?

In order to trade-in your phone for cash at our stores, it must still be in good condition and full functioning. Our technicians will be able to assess whether or not your phone is eligible for the service when you bring your phone in. There are 3 different types of phone conditions that we accept for the trade-in service:


These are mobile phones that are in perfect condition, as though they have never been used. This means: no scratches or cracks, and no internal damages.

Minimal scratches

These are mobile phones that have small signs of wear and scratches.


For mobile phones that have more signs of usage, but are still in working condition.


How quickly do you send the money?

As soon as our experienced technicians quickly inspect your phone for functionality and check it is in good condition, you will be getting the cash on your card on spot.


Why should I trade-in my phone?

By trading in your phone, youโ€™re reducing electronic waste and getting compensated with cash. Thus, trading in your phone benefits both you and the environment!