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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

1. ESG Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Happytel Retail Group Pty Ltd (the “Company”) has adopted this ESG Code of Conduct (Code) in relation to its Suppliers. In this Code, a “Supplier” is any business or other entity that agrees to or does supply any goods or services to the Company.

By adopting this Code, the Company demonstrates its commitment to, and compliance with, its ESG Strategy. >> more


2. ESG Strategy

Growing concerns about social and environmental issues has led to greater interest in how companies are governed. As good corporate citizens, companies are increasingly expected, as part of their corporate strategy, to consider its impact on the planet and its peoples, in addition to profits.

ESG metrics (including climate change and greenhouse gas emissions; energy efficiency and resource usage; pollution and waste; health and safety; diversity, inclusion and pay parity; stakeholder and community engagement; human rights; and ethics) are indicative of how a company influences or impacts the environment within which it operates and the way it is able to respond and manage risks and opportunities, as well as its resilience generally.

Although Happytel Retail Group Pty Ltd (“the Company”) is not currently legally required to provide ESG disclosures, it understands that its failure to proactively respond to ESG poses a commercial and reputational risk to the Company, and may adversely affect its sustainability. >> more


3. ESG Policy

The aim of Happytel Retail Group Pty Ltd’s (“the Company”) ESG Policy is to ensure that in carrying out its operations and activities (as far as is reasonably practicable) it:

  1. minimises any negative impacts of its business on the environment;
  2. enhances relationships with its stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers and the community in which it operates;
  3. conducts its business with integrity; and
  4. complies with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations and meets or exceeds standards and/or expectations for the industry.

This ESG Policy is of fundamental importance to the core values, and operation, of the Company. >> more