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Happytel Mystery Bag

Take a chance today with Happytel Mystery Bag!


1. What is a Happytel Mystery Bag?


Each Happytel Mystery Bag contains 2-5 items and the items are worth more than double the RRP of the Mystery Bag. We group items together at random and sell them for a special Mystery Bag price which means you're always getting an amazing deal on the contents of your Happytel Mystery Bag. This item might be available for a limited time only - so get it while you can!


2. What can I get from Happytel Mystery Bag?


Every mysterious item within the bag is selected to be compatible your selected model. Each bag is can contain around 3 - 5 items from the following categories:

  • Protective Case
  • Wallet Case
  • Biodegradable Case
  • Design Case
  • Screen Protector / Tempered Glass
  • Tech Accessories
  • Wireless Charging Accessories
  • Car Charging Accessories
  • Wall Chargers
  • Cables
  • Pop Sockets
  • Happytel Online Voucher ($5 - $50)


Your Mystery Bag could contain products that we only sell in-store, so ready to be surprised!


3. How do I order them?


Ordering a Happytel Mystery Bag is like ordering any product from Happytel! Simply search for Happytel Mystery Bag in the search bar, and select the Mystery Bag that is based on your mobile device choice.


4. Can I customise it?


Sadly no, that would take all the mystery and fun out of it! The Happytel Mystery Bags are pre-packed and each one is a surprise.


5. Can you make sure I don’t get anything I already purchased?


Sorry! Each bag is pre-packed and assigned to you at random aside from your mobile device preference.


6. Will I get duplicates?


We will never put duplicate items in the same bag. However, if you order multiple bags there’s a chance you could receive the same item more than once.


7. Can I return some of the items if I don't like them?


We are sorry to say that the products within Happytel Mystery Bag can't be returned or refunded due to personal reasons (e.g. I don't like them or I don't need them). We only accept return or refund on products that are due to being damaged/faulty or incompatible with the device selected.

Please note that replacement products might not be same one but similar value when they are faulty.


8. Does the Happytel Mystery Bag come in a special packaging?


Happytel Mystery Bag will not come in a speacial packaging - it's all about the product. Plus, special bag will just create extra packaging waste. Your order will arrive in an cardboard courier box just like when you order any product from us.


9. Got more questions?


Simply email our customer support at and we will try our best to assist you!


Clearance Sale - All products must go!


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