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Why Screen Protectors are Important

You'd be lying if you said that you didn't care about the condition your phone is in. It's more likely that every time you phone slips out of your hand, your heart seems to drop with it. This is why many of us have a screen protector, to keep our phone screens looking sleek and new.


What is the use for screen protectors?

Screen protectors are a thin layer of material that protects your phone screen from the scratches and cracks you may get from drops or impact from other materials. Rather than your actual phone screen taking the damage, the screen protector absorb the shock of accidental drops for you.


Do you really need a screen protector?

Having a screen protector is for your peace of mind, knowing that you have an extra layer of protection for your phone's screen. Although, it is not a guarantee to the absolute full protection of your phone, it can still prevent it from being damaged by minor accidents.

 tempered glass screen protector

Types of screen protectors?

There are many types of screen protectors on the market now, accommodating for the different needs we might have. They include:

  • PET plastic screen protectors

It is a polyester film with a scratch resistant matt coating on one side, and a sticky silicone on the other side. They are very affordable, however, are the easiest screen protector to discolour over time as it is exposed to sunlight and oil accumulation from your fingers.

  • TPU plastic screen protectors

This is a chemically-enhanced plastic that is scratch, elasticity, oil and grease resistant. This screen protector is more protective than the PET screen protector, as it absorbs non-extreme impacts and retains most or all of its original shape.

  • Glass screen protectors

This screen protector is more durable than plastic screen protectors, and feels more alike the actual phone screen.

  • Tempered glass screen protectors

This is made of gorilla glass which is oil and scratch resistant. It is 4x stronger than regular glass, and prevents excessive fingerprints and oil smudges.

  • Liquid glass screen protectors

These are in the form of wipes and is a thin layer that is applied to the surface on your screen. Over time, your phone is likely to get rough on a microscopic level, and the liquid wipes fill in those gaps. It is the thinnest out of the screen protectors and is scratch resistant.

liquid glass nano wipe screen protector


Key benefits of a screen protector

  • Prevents minor scratches, chips, cracks on your phone screen - Even if your phone is made of gorilla glass that is scratch resistant, a screen protector will add an extra layer to keep your actual phone screen looking smooth. 

  • Finger mark and dust prevention

  • Prevents dirt and bacteria build-up - Because you use it everyday, your phone is going to accumulate lots of bacteria. Some screen protectors have an anti-bacterial and dust repelling properties. 

  • Reduces eyestrain


Product recommendations

 samsung tempered glass screen protector


We have a wide range of screen protectors you can choose from that will keep your phone screen looking sleek and new at all times. From tempered glass, to liquid nano wipes, we are surely to have the screen protector best suited to you and your needs. Come visit one of our stores in person or online to browse through.

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