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Which Monogrammed Leather Case Should You Get?

Need a monogrammed leather case that will protect your phone and suit your personality? From genuine leather cases to faux leather wallets, here's a guide to find the perfect case for you.

All the cases in this article are part of our monogram collection! Start personalising your own leather case here.



genuine leather case

Genuine Leather Wallet

This leather wallet is sleek and made of genuine leather. A classic style that is durable and ages well. The wallet range also helps you save space so you can carry less. These come in classic natural colours like black and brown, a fine slate for you to monogram your name or initials on.

If you're looking for a case that will last long and will age gracefully with a sophisticated look, the leather wallet is for you.

Personalise your leather wallet here.


faux leather case

Faux Leather Wallet

The faux leather wallet is a must-have for vegans or individuals who prefer non-animal products. The wallet range also helps you save space so you can carry all your cards with your phone. Faux leather wallets come in more unique colours such as red and rose gold so you can express yourself boldly. Add monogramming for a daring look at no extra cost.

If you're not keen on real leather cases and love more unique colours, then the faux leather wallet is for you. 

Personalise your faux leather wallet here.


marble diary wallet

Marble Diary Wallet

The marble diary wallet is made of faux leather and is the glamourous one of the wallet family. The wallet has 3 card slots for cards or cash. Marble cases are stylish and unique, with interesting lines and cracks that will make you want to stare at the details all day.

If you're into the finer details and love a marbled look, then the marble diary wallet case is for you.

Personalise your marble wallet here.


leather back

Nappa Leather Case

The Nappa leather case is slim and classic, with a smooth genuine Nappa leather backing and sleek black edges. The leather back case is great for slipping into pockets and comes in a wide range of colours from mint to lime. Add some shine with monogramming and choose from 6 foil colours.

If you're looking for a genuine leather case that is slim and colourful, then the leather back case is for you.

Personalise your leather back case here.


saffiano leather case

Saffiano Leather Case

The Saffiano case is similar to the leather back case and is also slim and classic, great for slipping into your pocket or handbag. The Saffiano has the classic cross-hatch textured leather backing and sleek black edges. It's luxurious and the perfect companion to your Saffiano designer handbag. Add some more personal luxe with monogramming. Choose from our range of metallic foils to match with the hardware of your accessories. Silver, gold or rose gold? We've got it!

If you're looking for a genuine leather case that is slim and indulgent, then the Saffiano case is for you.

Personalise your Saffiano case here.

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