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Why's my phone showing the logo but not turning on?

4 Possible reasons why your device's frozen screen is showing the company's logo but won't boot up properly

1. Battery needs replacing

A device’s dead battery could be the cause for this issue. This can be solved by replacing the battery.


2. Need a screen replacement

Another possible cause is the screen being damaged from dropping or pressure. In this case, we can make the screen work properly again simply by replacing the screen.


3. Your device has to be restored

The next option is to restore you device to factory settings. To restore via iTunes (Apple devices only) you must do the following:

Connect your device to iTunes

Hold the power button and home button together until you can see the iTunes icon

Now you can find an iPhone in recovery mode on your computer

Click restore (do not disconnect iPhone before finishing the installation of new firmware)


4. Mainboard damage

Another possibility is mainboard damage.


Q: What is the mainboard?

A: The mainboard (motherboard) is the core part of the hardware and controls all functions of the phone. Every part of the phone with a function is connected to this mainboard.


Q: How can the mainboard gets damaged?

A: The mainboard can get damaged from shocks (drops), dropping into water or even from pressure. It can also be caused by charging with a poor quality charger/cable. Damage to the mainboard can arise even if there is no physical damage.


Q: What happens when the mainboard is damaged?

A: As the mainboard is the core part of the device, once it’s damaged, it can make functions play up. The functions affected depend on the location of the damage.


Q: What should I do if it is a mainboard damage?

A: If it’s a mainboard issue, don’t worry. We can fix this issue at Happytel. Most battery drain problems arising from the mainboard are related to the mainboard’s power-charging system or its shorted capacitors or its nand memory system or display system. Our success rate for this procedure is 85%.


Get your phone fixed at your nearest Happytel store today!
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