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Which Screen Protector Should I Use?

The last thing anyone wants is a phone screen with a massive crack running through it. To give your screen the care and protection it needs, it may be time to get a screen protector. But how do you know if you should pick a plastic or glass screen protector? No need to overthink it too hard because we'll show you the benefits and downsides of both!


Tempered Glass

What is tempered-glass screen protector for mobile phones?

Tempered glass, also known as gorilla glass, is a material that is oil and scratch resistant. This prevents you from having an excessive amount of fingerprints and oil smudges on your screen, making it look like you have a smooth clean screen most of the time. These screen protectors are sleek and give you maximum image clarity.


Tempered glass vs regular glass?

Compared to regular glass, tempered glass is 4 times stronger. This is what makes tempered glass a safer option than regular glass. Should they break, the tempered glass would fracture into small, relatively harmless pieces due to the longer annealing process when it is made.


Tempered vs plastic?

Tempered glass screen protectors are a lot more expensive than plastic screen protectors. This is because tempered glass is much more sturdier, relatively thicker and thus better able to protect your phone. If you hate seeing your fingerprints all over the screen then the tempered glass protectors may be a better option for you, as it is fingerprint resistant and easier to clean. When using a plastic screen protector, scratches are easy to spot and they lose clarity over time. However, tempered glass do not offer as much impact protection as plastic screen protectors do. There are also dangers in cutting yourself if you crack a tempered glass screen protector.


Are tempered glass screen protectors flexible?

Yes, tempered glass screen protectors are flexible and can bend despite their extremely hard surface.


Does tempered glass screen protector affect touch?

Having no screen protector will always offer maximum touch sensitivity with the consequence of no protection. However, it's always better to be safe than sorry. The tempered glass screen protector was designed in a way that will not drastically effect touch sensitivity on your device, whilst offering protection from scratches and cracks.


Does tempered glass screen protector prevent shatter?

No one likes the idea of their phone shattering in front of their eyes. Tempered glass screen protectors will help prevent this from happening. Normally when a phone is under impact, it will absorb energy until it reaches a breaking point and then will shatter. If the amount of energy absorbed from a fall is less than the energy it takes to break the tempered glass, then it will not shatter.


Will a tempered glass screen protector hide scratches?

Tempered glass screen protectors are able to hide small and shallow scratches. But if the amount of scratches are increasing and are deep then you may need to replace it.


Liquid Glass

How does a liquid screen protector work?

Over time, your phone screen will get rough at a microscopic level. Liquid glass is an invisible product that is rubbed over the phone screen and fills in all the imperfections and microscopic pores that are on the surface of the screen. Afterwards, the liquid glass hardens and bonds with the surface of the screen and gives a smooth and sleek finish.


Is liquid glass as good as tempered glass?

Liquid glass screen protectors are not as effective as tempered glass screen protectors. Although in terms of scratch prevention they are similar, the protection against dropping and bumping your phone is a lot lower with liquid glass.


What are the advantages of liquid glass?

Here are some of the advantages to having a liquid glass screen protector:

  • Air cannot be trapped in between, as it is a liquid
  • Can easily be applied to curved edges
  • It is a very thin layer and barely noticeable
  • Touch sensitivity is not drastically effected


What are the disadvantages of liquid screen protectors?

Some of the cons to having a liquid screen protector include:

  • Once applied it cannot be removed
  • Does not offer crack resistance, and will mean your screen can shatter


How long does liquid screen protector last?

Once applied, the liquid screen protector can last between 9 months and 2 years. However, different factors can affect the durability, such as the level of abrasion the surface is exposed to and where the protection is applied.


How strong is liquid glass?

Depending on where you get it from, the liquid glass can make your screen up to 6 times stronger.


Do liquid screen protectors prevent cracks?

No, they do not prevent your device from getting cracks.


Is liquid glass waterproof

Liquid glass is a durable water repellent, keeping your screen clean from dirt and water.

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