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What Type of Repairs Does Happytel Do?

what type of repairs does happytel do

A broken phone is one of the most devastating things ever. That's why finding a trustworthy and professional repairer is so essential.

Happytel is a leading retailer in mobile accessories and repairs with 53 stores across AUS and NZ. We specialise in phone repairs, accessories and tech, and our technicians are professionally trained phone experts. We know how important your phone is to you and that nothing is worse than a broken phone. Don't say goodbye just yet. From cracked screens to data recovery, bring your phone to our mobile technicians and let us fix the problem. 

Happytel technicians are trained to do screen replacements, data recovery, water damage repairs, mainboard repairs, bent phone repairs, camera repairs, sound and audio repairs, button repairs, and battery and charging repairs.

Screen Replacements

A cracked screen is the most common repair for our technicians, which means we're pretty damn great at replacing them! Our replacement screens are high quality and affordable, so you can ensure you won't get any of the nasty side effects of a cheap screen replacement. Read our tips on the top 3 ways to protect your phone screen from cracking here.

Data Recovery

    Have you got a phone that isn't working at all, but you don't want to say goodbye to those precious photos or personal data? Our team can get everything you need from your phone and put it safely onto a USB for you.

    Water Damage Repairs

      From splashes in the sink to drops in the pool, our experienced technicians have worked with all kinds of water damaged devices. You can trust that we'll find the best solution for your phone.

      Mainboard Repairs

        It can be hard to tell if your phone troubles are from your mainboard or a physical issue, but if you've got mainboard problems, we can fix them! Don't throw out your phone yet - we can provide several solutions designed to recover and repair various mainboard issues.

        Bent Phone Repairs

          Did you know that we can also customise the exterior colour of your tablet or mobile phone? This can be done by replacing the frame/ housing with a different colour! Ask our staff about it at your nearest Happytel store.

          Camera Repairs

            It can really suck when your camera function stops working just as you're about to capture a beautiful sunset or a funny incident. Read our article on the top 5 reasons your phone camera isn't working here. Happytel can fix application malfunctions or replace camera parts if it is broken. Fix your camera today so you can go back to capturing the best moments of your life tomorrow.

            Sound and Audio Repairs

              It can really be frustrating when your phone doesn't work as a phone. If you're having trouble listening to calls, music or videos, we'll be able to diagnose the problem and fix the software or replace the hardware to make it work again.

              Button Repairs

                If your home button is stuck, missing or broken, or the touch ID (fingerprint sensor) isn't working, we can replace it with a new home button.

                Battery and Charging Repairs

                  If your phone is not charging, it can be due to a multitude of reasons. Read our article on the top 5 reasons a phone won't charge here.

                  Did you know that your phone's battery life diminishes slowly over time? We'll be able to test your device and recommend a battery replacement if necessary or replace charging parts to solve charging issues.


                  If you're experiencing any of these issues or just want to ask our experienced technicians a smartphone question, drop by your nearest Happytel today or grab a repair quote online!

                  5 STAR REVIEWS

                  Happytel is experienced, reliable and trustworthy. Just check out our 5-star reviews!

                  happytel phone repairs reviews

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