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Top 5 ways to help your phone stay clean

We probably forget but our phones one of the dirtiest devices we have, especially because we carry it with us everywhere. Studies from the University of Arizona have found that mobile phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. That's pretty gross. You don't want to pick up calls and suddenly think of all the bacteria that your ear has just come in contact with. This is why it's important to clean your phone to get rid of the infestation of bacteria that lives on your phone.


1. Anti-bacterial wipe

You don't want to clean your phone when your hands are still dirty, so make sure you've thoroughly washed your hands beforehand. Using an anti-bacterial wipe, gently wipe all over your phone. If there's any wet residue then wipe it dry with a clean microfibre cloth.


2. Soap and water

No, we don't mean dunk your phone in soapy water because that will definitely break your phone. Instead, get a microfibre cloth and dampen (not soak) it into a solution of lukewarm water and mild soap. The carefully wipe the front and back of the phone and dry excess moisture with a clean soft tissue. Make sure your avoid charging ports or any other openings.


3. Don't forget to clean the case

It's no use cleaning your phone if you pop back on your phone case that has the same amount of bacteria as before.


4. Use a microfibre cloth when cleaning

This is a soft material that won't damage your phone screen. Other materials such as paper towels could be too harsh and damage the phone screen.


5. Do not use cleaning products such as bleach, glass cleaner etc.

These have chemicals that are too harsh for your phone and will damage it.

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