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The iPad keyboard you need

If you're in need of a keyboard for your iPad, buy the one we have in store! Check out the Bluetooth iPad 10.2 which has a lot of cool features for you to  play around with or just aesthetically appreciate. After reading all the features, you'll add it to your cart right away.


You won't see many iPad cases that allow you to turn it 360 degrees. So if you find yourself not needing the keyboard, you can easily turn it around so that it turns back into tablet mode.


Nowadays, everyone is obsessed with incorporating glowing LED lights everywhere, whether that be your bedroom or even your car. Well now you can have it in your iPad keyboard too. Our product has RGB lights around the keycaps, so you can type away on one of 7 colours glowing in the dark.

If you like the retro look, the keycaps will tick that box you didn't even realise you had. The round shape will give the feel of a type writer with a black modern sleek finish. You'll be wanting to type all day long on these keycaps because the feeling will give you the biggest satisfaction. 

iPad keyboard rotating

Pen slot

If you've been constantly been paranoid of leaving you iPad pen on the table and then have it magically disappear within 5 minutes, our case will put your mind at ease. The iPad case includes a side where you can insert your pen. Gone are the days you are worried about losing it, knowing it is safe right next to your iPad at all times. 


Even though there are many unique features, this keyboard does not compromise protection. It is dual layered to withstand numerous drops, with a TPU detachable protective cover. This cover will maximise the protection for your iPad.


This iPad case is compatible with the iPad 10.2, which is the 2019, 2020, and 2021 model

It has a standby time of >100 days

The battery life of this iPad case is 3 years, and the charging time takes 3-4 hours

It's sustainable working time is up to 30 hours

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