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Tech Items Every Student Needs

As a student you're constantly, or hopefully, on the grind to meet assessment deadlines, studying at your local cafe or library and may be a little stressed. So here are our top recommendations for what you should get at Happytel to make your study life smoother.


1. Phone charging stand

This is perfect for when you're studying on a desk in your room and need something to hold your phone up while studying, whether that be for facetiming your friends or watching your favourite show while getting up to date with your work. Owning a phone charging stand will mean that you don't need to worry about your phone dying while using it, and it's angled perfectly towards you while you're on your desk. This is a must have to make your study desk neater, so why wait? Add it to your shopping cart right now!

phone charging stand

For more phone charging stands and other charging tech gear click here.


2. PC keyboard

If you use a PC to get your uni or high school work finished, then having a nice keyboard to type on is a top priority. Lucky for you, we have a range of keyboards that are satisfying to type on and also are aesthetic to keep on your desk.

pc keyboard

For more information on our range of keyboards click here.


3. Phone case

As a student, you're probably always on the go between classes and chances are that you've dropped your phone a couple times on the way. This is why it's so important to have a protective phone case to protect your phone from the accidental slips. You'll also want a phone case that suits your aesthetics, from simple and sleek to glamorous. Our Phone cases do not compromise style for protection so come see what phone cases we have for you.

phone case

To browse our large range of phone cases click here.

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