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Show Off Your Samsung S23 With HappyTel’s Phone Cases

Phone cases not only keep our devices dry and clean, but they also let us express our individuality. 

With Samsung's latest release, the S23 line, jazz it up with HappyTel's phone cases that are both functional and stylish. Go for designs that won't go out of style, like customisable wallet cases with card slots for easy storage. Who says you have to give up style for function? The clear phone cases are easy to carry, don't break when dropped and can be personalised with your name, initials or favourite words. Simple cases in black are the perfect compromise between elegance and protection against the wear and tear that can come from drops and scratches.  

Oscar Detachable Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Is the s22 and s23 case the same?

No. Even though they look the same and don't vary much in size, S23 won't fit in your S22 case. The S23 features a larger camera on the back, so owners of the S22 who wish to upgrade to the latest model should purchase a new case.

Is the s22 and s23 the same size?  

Yes. The S23's dimensions and size are the same as its predecessor, the S22. The aspect ratio of the S22 and S23 screens is 19.5:9, with each panel measuring 6.1 inches diagonally. 

Keep Your Phone Stylish And Protected

Keep your devices protected from dust and moisture with HappyTel’s phone cases. Designs range from clear and glittering to minimalist, letting you mix and match to suit your personal taste or even complement every mood! 

Oscar Slim Silicone Case for Galaxy S23 Plus

We carry trusted brands, such as LifeProof, OtterBox, Tech21 and more, to provide you with the best accessories for your mobile devices. Visit the nearest HappyTel branch or look through our catalogue online to know the latest in stock.

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