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Save a buck and repair your phone instead

You just dropped your phone and there's a crack through your screen. You've accidently bumped your cup and there is now water all over your phone. Your phone seems to be glitching every few minutes. These are our worst nightmares that cause our stomach to drop. You may instinctively be crying about the cost of completely replacing your phone but that may not be necessary. Getting your phone repaired will make your phone look and feel as good as new at a fraction of the price. Here are some reasons to fix your smartphone at Happytel for those who are at a dilemma between buying a new device or fixing their current one.

Save money

This is a no brainer. Not all of us has a pool of unlimited funds to get a new phone out of nowhere. Doesn't help that the latest phone prices are at an all time high. Compared to the price of getting a brand new smartphone, it may be a lot cheaper to get your phone repaired. If you don't want to upgrade your phone and want your phone looking new again on a budget then this is the option for you.

Save environment

It's becoming more and more important for all of us to take our part in saving the environment. Millions of phones get purchased and thrown out every year. Save yourself the guilt of adding to the waste by repairing your phone.

Maximum value

You paid a lot of money for your phone. And to have your time with your phone shortened because of an unfortunate accident is frankly just sad. By repairing your device, you can get the maximum value from your phone and make more memories.

Colton shortage

When manufacturing smartphones, an essential component is a rare metallic ore called Colton. It is mainly sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo which is currently a conflict zone. Profits received from mining Colton has been put into funding armed conflicts, so purchasing a new phone may be indirectly contributing to the ongoing war crisis in DRC.


Get a quote online or come visit us now for a repair at Happytel where one of our experienced technicians will solve your issues.


To try and avoid having you phone needing to get repaired, you can put some precautions in place. Here are some products that you can get from Happytel to avoid your phone from getting damaged.

Phone cases

Get yourself a higher quality phone case at Happytel. We know that you've been eyeing at our enormous range of phone cases and this is definitely a sign to finally get what you've been wanting. Not only is our selection of phone cases all guaranteed to give your phone the ultimate level of protection, there are also a plethora of designs to pick from that will catch your eyes. From the people who want their phone cases to add flare into their life to the people who just want a phone case that will get the job done, Happytel is sure to have something for you!

happytel phone case

Screen protectors

If you're gonna protect the back, you should also consider protecting the front. No one wants to lift their phone to see scratches and cracks that could have been easily avoidable with our selection of screen protectors. Keep your phone screen looking brand new and sleek at Happytel.

happytel screen protector

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