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Samsung Galaxy A13 Promotion

For the people who are loyal Samsung users, you may have already heard about the Samsung Galaxy A13. First released on December 3rd, it is one of the mobile phones that are priced a lot lower compared to their other phone models. This makes it an entry-level Samsung phone that allows its users to use some of the features that are in the higher priced models. Lucky for you, we can make the Samsung A13 even more budget friendly and cheap with our limited time deal! Keep reading to see if this Samsung phone model catches your eye and if it's worth buying on your next visit to Happytel.

Samsung Galaxy A13


Key Features

Display Screen

The display screen of the phone is made of gorilla glass 5, meaning that your new Samsung phone would be scratch and shatter proof.

The screen is 6.6 inches, and has a decent contrast and brightness level.

Battery Life

This phone has an impressive battery life due to having a 5,000 mAh battery.

Plastic back

The plastic unibody on the phone means that the Samsung A13 won't dent or shatter, but can still be prone to scratches and chips.


With one front camera and 4 back cameras, the quality and colour reproduction is good, allowing you to see photos and videos in great detail.


The Samsung A13 is made from materials that are non-corrugated fibre board, meaning that it is a paperboard, and cellulose fibres that are recyclable and biodegradable. It is marked with a 21 PAP.



Until the 30th of June, we have a special deal just for you! Happytel is selling the Samsung Galaxy A13 for $30 less than the original price, bringing it to $197. If the key features of this Samsung phone have drawn your interest, be sure to visit our stores now and make the phone your own while the deal lasts.

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