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OSCAR Zeus TWS Earbuds Review

The OSCAR Zeus True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are a real bargain on the earbuds market. Read more to see our honest review on what makes it a product that you should definitely add to your cart.


Key features

  • Charge time = 70min
  • Up to 3 hour playtime
  • IPX4 waterproof rating making it perfect for when your in the gym and sweating

OSCAR Zeus TWS Earbuds


What we love

  • These wireless earbuds fit perfectly into your ear, providing maximum comfort, arguably even more so than the Nori earbuds.
  • It is extremely lightweight and stays in your ears no matter how hard you shake your head, making it great for if you're on a morning jog or at the gym and need to listen to some music.
  • The sound quality when listening to music or scrolling through social media is quite good.
  • When one of your earbuds are about to die, then your earbud notifies you that it is on low battery and needs to be charged.
  • The process of pairing the OSCAR Zeus TWS earbuds is very simple and easy.



  • Although the sound quality for music is good, the same cannot be said for the call quality. For the person wearing the OSCAR Zeus earbuds, the voice of the person they are calling can sound very slightly muffled. On the other end, the person who is being called cannot hear the callers voice clearly and the quality is more muffled.
  • The touch sensitivity to control these bluetooth earbuds can be hard to use

 OSCAR Zeus TWS Earbuds

Who should get the OSCAR Zeus buds?

For the people who are on a very tight budget, but still want the convenience of a pair of wireless earbuds, then this is for you. So these are for university students or someone who is very frugal and money conscious.


How to pair OSCAR Zeus earbuds

Press and hold the touch area for 5 seconds until the red and blue lights flash alternatively. In your Bluetooth settings, look for the device BT Earphone TWS Zeus and click connect. When connected successfully, the lights will stop flashing.


Touch settings

To turn off - press and hold the touch area for 5 seconds. The LED lights will flash 3 times and then power off. Only one earbud needs to be turned off, and the other will automatically turn off too.

Answer/hang up a call - Press the touch area once

Reject a call - Press and hold the touch area for 5 seconds

Call the last number - Press and hold the touch area for 3 seconds

Pause/play music - Single tap

Previous song - Double tap left earbud

Next song - Double tap right earbud

Increase music volume - Triple tap left earbud

Decrease music volume - Triple tap right earbud

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