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Mobile Phones Unlocked

An unlocked phone is a phone that can use any carrier by swapping the SIM card inside. In Australia, most phones are unlocked, except phones that are sold with prepaid plans.

What is the benefit of buying unlocked phones?

There are so many benefits to buying unlocked phones and luckily for us, Australia doesn’t have many carrier-locked devices like the US or UK. Here are some of the benefits of owning an unlocked phone:

  • Freedom of choice for phone model and carrier
  • Can use dual-SIM functionality, where you’re able to connect to 2 different carriers at the same time
  • Can sell old devices easily
  • Switch providers without having to switch your phone as well
  • Switch SIM cards when travelling

unlocked mobile phones

Is it better to buy an unlocked phone or a carrier?

It’s probably in your best interest to buy an unlocked phone rather than a phone with a carrier. This allows you to choose whichever carrier you want without being under contract with them, saving you money from an expensive contract.

How do you unlock your phone from a SIM card?

If you want to unlock your phone from a SIM card, the process is very simple. First replace the SIM card with one from another carrier and see if the name of the network appears on your handset. If the network name appears and you’re able to use your phone, you have successfully unlocked your phone!

unlocked phone and SIM card

Do unlocked Android phones get the same updates?

Yes unlocked Android phones will get the same updates. However, unlocked phones usually get their updates faster than carrier locked phones! This is because the update comes directly from the manufacturer, rather than having to be processed by the carrier.

Will my phone work overseas?

If you choose an unlocked phone, using it overseas is no problem. Simply switch out your Australian SIM card with a foreign one, without dealing with your network company or paying roaming fees.

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