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MAY you get the best bargain!

Shield your bank account and your phone with our special limited deal for May! We know that you love a good bargain and we're here to satisfy that. Whether your browsing on your phone or in one of our stores, you can claim this offer right now.


If you buy any Prism Shield screen protector, you can get 30% on a range of other products. This includes hundreds of phone cases and tech accessories from big brands such as Otterbox, Incipio, Momax and more! Don't miss out on buying this high quality screen protector and snatching up another amazing product for a lower price.


Prism Shield Screen Protector

If you thought glass screen protectors were pretty good, this one takes it to another level. Made with a unique and high quality material that is lightweight, flexible, shatter resistant and 5x stronger than regular glass, it is sure to protect your iPhone or Samsung screen better than any other regular screen protector.

A problem that many screen protectors face is the accumulation of dirt and bacteria due to our fingers touching it all the time. Lucky for you, the Prism Shield screen protector provides anti-microbial protection! The silver ions reduce bacteria by 99.9% in a matter of hours for the lifetime of the screen protector.

If you're worried about the touch sensitivity or clarity being reduced, worry no more. Prism Shield retains your screens full function and sensitivity when it is applied to your screen. The optical clarity provides a high definition pixel-perfect display everytime you use your phone.

For those who seem to have clumsy hands that struggle to do dainty work, this product is for you. This screen protector comes with a biodegradable 'plug in and stick' applicator, making the process of putting the screen protector on seamless. 

prism shield screen protector


With Prism Shield screen protector, which will blow you away with its features, comes an amazing 2 year device screen replacement guarantee! An unrivalled program in the market, it ensures that your phone's screen and Prism Shield screen protector is covered through the ups and the downs.


Possible Deal Combinations

There are endless combinations you can buy with your brand new Prism Shield screen protector, as a wide range of our products are available to choose from. If you're indecisive and struggling to decide what you should pair your screen protector with, here are a few ideas to make it easier for you.


Prism Shield SP + Phone Case

This one is a no brainer. If you're gonna bless your phone with protection on the screen, you may as well do the same for the back. We have a huge selection of phone cases you can choose from, all of them made with the best materials to protect your phone from the accidental slip of the hand. Not only are they maximising the protection of your phone, their sleek designs will catch your eyes immediately. Have a look at the hundreds of cases that could be yours very soon.

iphone phone case


Prism Shield SP + Wireless Charger

You have to have at least one wireless charger in your possession, for the tech savvy experience. If you don't already own one then this is finally your chance. Wireless chargers create a convenience where you don't have to worry about finding the perfect angle with your charging cord anymore. Now you simply place your phone down and it starts charging right away, making it a worthwhile investment. Browse through our store to see the different kind of wireless chargers we have to offer that will suit your specific needs.

wireless charging stand

cheotech 2 in 1 magsafe charging stand 


Prism Shield SP + Apple Watch Cover

Do you have an Apple watch to go with your iPhone? Then why not take this opportunity to get a protective cover for the screen of your Apple Watch too? Our cover is shock and scratch resistant, has an anti-bacterial quality and maintains 100% touch sensitivity. Protect both your Apple products for a bargain, and you won't regret it. 

apple watch cover


Browse through our store to get this limited deal and see for yourself what you could get yourself at a lower price.

shop happytel





*Discount will be automatically applied at checkout when you add the Screen Protector and any other product from this page to your cart.

Terms and conditions apply. Please visit our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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