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Is using a phone better with or without the case

You may have been wondering if phone cases are actually necessary to have when you own a phone. To help you reach a decision on the matter, we've collated what the benefits were for both owning a case and not owning a case.


Pros to Not having a Phone Case

Less plastic waste

If you don't buy a phone case, then you're reducing the amount of plastic waste that will eventually build up with the more phone cases bought.

Reduces bulk

Hate walking around with a bulky pocket? Then opting for no phone case may be a good way to reduce the bulk and weight that comes with some phone cases. However, at Happytel we have a wide range of iPhone and Samsung phone cases that are slim and lightweight where you'd barely be able to notice any extra bulk.

Design of the bare phone is aesthetic

Maybe you're one of the people who are absolutely obsessed with how their phone looks, and having a phone case may cover it up.

Too expensive

Some phone cases on the market may be appealing to you, but the price tag sure isn't. Luckily, we have a range of phone cases at different price points so you'll be able to find something in your budget.



Pros to having a Phone Case

Protects your phone from drops

This is probably the most important factor to owning a phone case. It's to protect your phone from any bumps, drops and scratches to help it stay in pristine condition. If you know you're the clumsy type who always drops what they're holding, you won't need to have a heart attack when you drop your phone because our protective phone cases will absorb the shock and protect it from getting severely damaged. Also, there are phone cases that are made of non-slip materials which would help keep your phone safe and firmly in your grip.

Extends your mobile phone life

Because having a phone case will protect your phone from any exterior potential damage, it will result in you maximising your phone life.

Aesthetic phone cases

There are probably millions of phone case designs out there, one for any person to appreciate and admire! So having a pretty or cool phone case is a way to show off your individuality and maybe even use as a fashion statement. Having a phone case is a wonderful addition to the aesthetic of your phone, and if you're someone who likes the phone's bare design itself then you may want to look into clear phone cases.


To see our full range of phone cases that we have at Happytel, click below.

happytel phone cases

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