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iPhone SE 2022

Apple is back again with the brand new iPhone SE 2022 which is already available for pre-order for the keen Apple fanatics. Bringing back the old iPhone design that many have missed with the advanced tech of today and significantly cheaper price, it's sure to be on many people's wish list.


Key features

The iPhone SE is having a throwback to some of the key classic iPhone designs that we grew up with.

  • 4.7" screen
  • 5G connection
  • Home button
  • Efficient battery life
  • Water resistant

iPhone SE 2022 Australia


Screen Protectors

If you're getting the newest phone on the market, it deserves the highest level of protection. No one wants to see a scratch on the screen of a brand new phone. Here are some of our high quality screen protectors that will keep your iPhone SE screen smooth and untouched.



Tech Accessories

Make life a little bit easier by purchasing some of our latest tech that is compatible with the iPhone SE. Whether its for something on the road or having a bedside charger, we definitely have something suitable for you. Some of these tech include:


Special Deals 

To kick off the release of the iPhone SE 2022 with a bang, Happytel is holding a special promotion just for you! When you purchase an iPhone tempered glass at Happytel, you can get the following discounts when you bundle together:

  • 10% off branded cases*
  • 20% off selected tech*
  • 30% off non-branded cases*

*Promo ends on 01/05/2022.

Visit our stores now to get your hands on this deal. Or Shop online for these deals.



Terms and Conditions

  • A full price tempered glass must be purchased, only for iPhone SE2022/SE2020/6/7/8 models in order to receive a discount for the above.
  • No further discounts and not in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.
  • Offer is only valid for a limited time only. Whilst stock lasts.
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