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How to Protect your Screen Protector

Your screen protector protects your phone screen, but who protects your screen protector? It's time you took proper care of your screen protector to make the most out of it.


The main thing to consider when prolonging the life of your phone screen protector is taking precautions when applying it.


Find an environment with minimal wind and dust

You don't want dust particles to be falling onto your phone screen while applying your screen protector. So find a place where it has little to no dust, and do the whole process on a smooth flat surface. Remember to wash your hands as well.


Clean the phone screen

You should also remove existing dust on the phone screen with a mild adhesive. This can be done with a sticky tape or a post-it note dabbed all over the screen. To remove fingerprints, use a microfiber cloth.


Remove air bubbles

After applying, use a credit card or your fingers to smooth out the surface and squeeze out any air bubbles.


Do not reuse screen protectors

Although you may successfully be able to reuse your screen protector, it is a lot better to just get a brand new one. This is because once the screen protector has been removed once, the sticky side will attract dust.


Happytel screen protectors

Browse through our range of screen protectors in our online store, or in-person, and get the best protection for your phone screen. 

Happytel Screen Protectors

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