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How to keep your phone safe from thieves

It's a night out with your mates, and a feeling of dread overwhelms you. No matter how many times you check your pockets, your phone isn't there. We get how stressful this situation must be, with you worrying about all your important details getting stolen and not knowing where your phone is. Well here are a few tips and tricks to keep your phone safe in these situations!


How to avoid losing your phone or getting it stolen

Now this may sound like common sense but it's best to have all the bases down to help prevent losing your phone or getting it stolen.

1. Make sure you know where you phone is at all times and don't leave it unattended

If you have to leave your phone down to do something, give it to a friend instead to keep it safe for you.

2. Do not walk and use your phone at the same time

This is because it leaves you unaware of your surroundings, letting thieves snatch your phone while you are using it.

3. Keep your phone in a safe hidden place when unused

Places such as your bag or the inside pocket of your jacket are better to keep your phone safe, rather than leaving it in places like the back pocket of your jeans. And if you have to leave your phone in your car, make sure it is not in plain sight. This may attract thieves to break your car window to steal your mobile device.


How to keep your phone safe from thieves

If the tragic moment arises where your phone is stolen, here are some things you can do to keep your personal information safe.

1. Keep your phone safe with a PIN or a biometric lock

You'd be pretty silly to have absolutely no password on your phone, because that leaves your phone immediately vulnerable to thieves getting into your personal information. Having a PIN set or a biometric lock (fingerprint or face ID) is the safest way to stop the thieves immediately getting into your phone and going through your private things.

2. Anti-theft apps

If you're extremely paranoid about getting your phone stolen, then a sure way to keep a peace of mind is to download an anti-theft app. Although there are numerous kinds of anti-theft apps, many will have features that keep your phone safe. An example being, a photo being taken when an incorrect password is put in too many times.

3. Enable phone tracking features/services

To make it easier to find out where your phone is, turning on phone tracking services is a good way to do that.

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