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Secrets to keeping your phone battery alive

Your phone is absolutely useless if the battery keeps dying within a matter of hours. That's why it's important to have a long battery life so that you can continue to scroll on Instagram for hours or have your phone survive when you don't have the luxury of having a charger nearby. Taking the time to learn some tips and tricks to keep your phone battery alive for longer will mean less worrying for you.


If you think that your phone battery is experiencing serious issues, then come talk to one of our technicians at Happytel! Get a quote online or visit one of our store today and we'll be able to diagnose your phone battery issues.


Tips and Tricks

Here are some things you can do to have a longer battery life

1. Don't let you're battery reach 0%

If you see your battery coming down to around 15-30% then make sure you have a charger on hand to plug in. When your phone battery reaches 0%, it will shorten you battery life.

2. Reduce screen brightness

We get it, when the sun is shining directly on your phone you need to put your screen brightness up at its highest to make out what's on your screen. But just remember to turn it back down when you can because this will drain your phone battery very quickly.

3. Apps running in the background

When you move from app to app, make sure you close them rather than just minimising them. Having apps running in the background when you haven't been on it for a while is one of the worst battery drainers that you probably forget to notice.

4. Turn on Airplane Mode

Desperate times call for desperate measures and this is what you can do for when you need your phone to last a little longer. Putting your phone on Airplane Mode is a really good way to conserve your battery when you need it most, albeit you won't be able to receive calls or texts.

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