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How to fix my flickering phone screen

You may be freaking out to see your phone screen flickering all of a sudden. No need to worry though, because we have a few tips on how to stop the flickering. However, if none of our little tips seem to help then head to one of our repair stores where our friendly staff will help diagnose and fix your phone asap!


Restart your device

This is the go to fix for most small phone issues. By restarting your phone, it will help remove any apps running in the background that could potentially be causing flickering display problems.


Perform a hard reset

If simply restarting your phone didn't help, then try giving it a hard reset. This will restore your mobile phone to its factory setting whilst clearing the cache.

On a Samsung simply click Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory data reset

On an Apple simply click Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset


Update your phone

Having a flickering screen could be a result from not having the latest software updates for your phone. So make sure you check that you don't have any updates that haven't been installed on your phone.


Turn off auto-brightness

Setting your phone on auto-brightness may be the cause of your screen flickering. This is because auto-brightness is constantly changing your screen's brightness based on light sensor data, and any software update or hardware problems may lead to unexpected phone screen flickering. So manually pick the level of screen brightness you want to have your phone at, rather than using auto-brightness.


Get your phone repaired

At Happytel, we pride ourselves in high quality customer service. So any phone issues you experience, we will quickly find the problem and our technicians will repair your phone for you. Visit one of our local stores today!happytel store locator

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