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How to Check iPhone Battery Health

It's super important for us to keep tabs on the battery health of our phones because it's a vital feature that allows us to use our phones to its full potential. Our phones have become such an integral part of our lives, so no one wants a phone that has lost its ability to keep its power for a day. Lucky for us, Apple has allowed you to monitor your battery health so that you have a rough idea when you should think about replacing your battery. Here's how you can check the battery health of your iPhone.


In order for you to check your battery health, your iPhone has to be running on iOS11.3 or higher!


How to check

The steps to check your battery health are quite simple.

Go into Settings > Battery > Battery Health, and you'll be able to see your battery analytics.


Maximum Capacity

This number displays the total charge capacity of your battery compared to when you first got your iPhone. As you continue to use your phone over the years, this number will gradually fall. If this number falls beneath 80%, Apple recommends replacing your battery. Come to one of our Happytel stores so that one of our experienced technicians can help you out.


Peak Performance Capability

This will inform you whether your battery can currently supply sufficient power for your iPhone's tasks.

Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance - This is what you should be aiming for, as it means your iPhone's battery is in good health and working at the highest capacity.

iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown... - This means that your battery is causing issues with your phone and you may need to replace the battery soon. You'll be likely to experience performance issues with your iPhone. Come to one of our Happytel stores so that our technicians can help diagnose your battery issues.

Your battery's health is significantly degraded - This is likely to mean that your battery's capacity is below 80% (meaning you should be thinking about replacing your battery as stated above) and that your iPhone's ability to function has significantly declined. You should visit one of our Happytel stores so that our technicians can help you out!



If your iPhone is below an iOS11.3, unfortunately you cannot self diagnose your phone battery. If your in this situation come to one of our Happytel stores and our skilled technicians can quickly help diagnose your battery health, or contact us for more information!

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