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How do I fix the “ghost touching” problem

What is ghost touching

Like the spooky name suggests, “ghost touching” is when your phone screen moves or starts doing things without your finger touching anything. There can be numerous possible reasons for this issue to occur.

What causes ghost touching?

Ghost touches can be cause from things like a poorly operating digitiser under the screen, something making conductivity on the screen such as dirt, water droplets or screen protector, and a faulty charger.

Can water damage cause ghost touch?

Yes, water damage can cause this issue to occur. If water gets into the headphone jack, usb jack, or in between the display screen, this can cause ghost touching. Our technicians are very experienced when it comes to water damage, so visit us for a checkup.

Ghost Touching

Can screen protectors cause ghost touch?

Although screen protectors are useful in preventing cracks on our beloved phones, they can also disrupt how the touch screen operates, such as screen sensitivity. If you are experiencing ghost touch problems, then removing your screen protector could fix this issue.

Does screen replacement fix ghost touch?

If you have tried everything else and you’re still experiencing this creepy phenomena, then replacing your entire screen could be the way to go. Come to one of our stores so that our technicians can help you out.

Is ghost touching a virus?

Experiencing ghost touches frequently and in a sequence could indicate that the issue is due to malware. If the ghost touching is only happening randomly then it is probably due to other issues. Seeing this happen in a sequence, such as opening files or sending data is indicating that your phone could be under a virus and should be checked immediately.

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