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How can I hold my phone comfortably?

Don't lie. We all have dropped our phones on our faces at least a few times while scrolling through our feed when our hands got unexpectedly tired. And if you're someone who does this more often than not, then it sounds like you need to invest in one of our Griptoks! These are phone grip holders that help you grip onto your phone more securely so that you can go on your phone without having it slip out of your hand. Think of it as an extra layer of security by having it interlocked between your fingers. It will give you a natural grip that will help reduce your fatigue and let you hold your phone comfortably, whether you're texting or taking a selfie with your friends.



How to use my Griptok?

Each Griptok has 3 levels of grip expansion to perfectly suit all your needs. Want to watch a movie? Use it as a kickstand or phone stand so that you can just rest your phone on the desk angled perfectly for you to watch your favourite movie anytime you want. If you want to just lay your phone flat on the surface or want to slip it onto your pocket, then all you have to do is collapse the holder until it’s flat and you’re good to go.


Happytel Griptoks

All of our Griptoks at Happytel have a cute Korean-style design for you to choose from, which will add a nice personal touch to your phone. With some collaborated with Cartoon Network Korea, it's no wonder why we have such a huge range of different designs available at Happytel! To see our full collection, click here:

 happytel griptocks popsocket


Here are some of the cute Griptock designs we have, which we think would look perfect on your phone!

cute ghost griptok popsocket

cute ghost griptok

we bare bears ice bear griptok popsocket

we bare bears ice bear griptok

smiley face griptok popsocket

crumpled smiley face griptok

hello kitty griptok popsocket

hello kitty griptok


Can I use Magsafe when using an iPhone grip holder?

Having a Griptock in the place where the Magsafe magnet ring is may raise some questions about whether you can still use Magsafe products with your iPhone. Firstly, test it out and see if your phone holder interferes with the magnetic feature of your device. If you notice that your iPhone isn’t connecting to your Magsafe tech accessories, then we have the perfect product so that you don’t have to choose one over the other. 

Oscar Magnetic Base for Phone Grip Holders and Popsockets

Oscar Magnetic Base for Phone Grip Holders 


Can I wirelessly charge my phone when using a phone grip holder?

We get it. You don’t want to sacrifice one for the other, especially with wireless charging being so convenient to have on the go. This will be different for every popsocket, as some will definitely interfere with your ability to wirelessly charge your phone. This is because the Griptok may prevent your phone from making full contact with you wireless charger. The only way to know is to test it out yourself! Try to use your wireless chargers while keeping the phone grip on and see if anything is being affected. If your phone seems to charge perfectly, then it’s your lucky day and you can have the best of both worlds. If you notice that your phone isn’t charging or is experiencing interruptions when wirelessly charging, then just quickly take your phone case off which has your Griptock attached whenever you need to give your phone a charge.

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