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EOFY Sale Out Now!

It's EOFY again and we're here to give you the sales you've been waiting for! You've probably been stressing with your taxes now that the financial year is coming to a close and deserve to splurge on yourself with a good deal. We have many promotions for you to get keen for so visit one of our stores for more information.


Have you been reconsidering the amount of money you've been spending for the last year? But still want to buy the latest tech products? Happytel has got your back. You can get up to 70% off our on our products online and in store. Get the things you need for a fraction of the price at the end of the financial year.


We also have a BUY 1 GET 1 FREE TECH PRODUCT! You can mix and match any of our tech products to your liking and the lower priced item will be free. Here are some of the products you could purchase during this years EOFY sales at Happytel.



If you're always on the go and your phone needs constant life support then it sounds like you should invest in a good powerbank. Not only do we have powerbanks that provide fast and efficient charging, but we also have portable chargers that can wirelessly charge your smartphone. Have a look at the powerbanks we have now and add them to your cart.

happytel powerbanks


Wall Adapters

If you own any piece of tech, which in this decade is everyone, then you'll definitely be in need of a wall adapter. Single, dual, 3-in-1, which ever outlet adapter you need, we've got it for you.

happytel wall adapters



Wireless Chargers

Technology has come so far where more and more of our phones are able to be charged wirelessly, making the process simple and easy. No more days of untangling charging cables and other wires. Browse through all the wireless chargers we have available for you.

happytel wireless chargers


Finally, when you come to our stores in person and get a phone repair, you can get 30% off a Prismshield screen protector. This screen protector is a must if you want to provide your iPhone screen with the ultimate level of protection. It is made of a unique material that is lightweight, flexible and shatter-resistant, 5x stronger than regular glass screen protectors. It even has anti-microbial protection, reducing bacteria by 99.9%! 

prism shield screen protector


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Oscar White Marble Fast Wireless Charging Stand
Oscar White Marble Fast Wireless Charging Stand

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