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Dynamic Island - is this Apple’s most game-changing feature yet?

Prior to the announcement of Apple’s latest iPhone model, the iPhone 14, there were many rumours that Apple will be phasing out the notch design on the top of their iPhones, similar to what we see on most Android phones. 

However, those rumours were not as accurate as what we expected - Apple did remove the notch design on their latest iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models, but they redesigned it to be a cutout design that Apple calls as “Dynamic Island”. 
This new component can morph into different shapes and sizes, depending on various situations, creating an entirely new software experience that can be both useful and non-obtrusive. 

The pill-looking asset can change to show incoming calls, alerts, notifications, Face ID authentications and so many more items. You can also tap or long press on the area to access different functions or launch apps, creating almost like a short-cut. 

Another convenient thing about this Dynamic Island feature is that if you have two apps running in the background and at the same time, the Dynamic Island can split it into two sections. For example, if you have a song playing from the Music app and a timer set on the clock app, the Dynamic Island will show you the song’s artwork on the left side of the pill design while the timer icon will be shown on the right side. However, you can only see a maximum of two apps on the Dynamic island. 

Okay, now you may be wondering where the front camera is? Well, it has integrated into the pill design. The 12MP front-facing camera will feature auto-focus - the first iPhone to have such a capability. 

Considering Apple’s redesign of the notch on it’s latest iPhone 14 Pro models, and the various functions it comes with, it’s safe to say that the Dynamic Island feature is definitely one of Apple’s most game-changing features for their iPhones as of yet. 

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