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Car Phone Chargers: Your Questions Answered

It’s only natural that you’d have a billion questions about your car phone charger because let’s be real, you wouldn’t survive a day without your phone. The drop in your stomach when you’re on the road and the phone gives the 5% warning is something we all dread. But don’t worry we got you covered and will answer some of your questions about car phone chargers.

Car Phone Chargers - Your Questions Answered

Can I Charge My Phone When My Car is Off?

Everyone has had that mini heart attack moment. Your phone is about to die, you’re out of the house and of course you forgot to bring a portable charger. The only charger available is your car phone charger, but can you leave it charging when your car is off? This mainly depends on the model of your car and whether its features allow you to charge your phone. There are a few car models that lock the electric charges to move towards the accessory socket or USB port when the ignition is off, preventing you from charging your phone. Other car models may have always-on ports which support charging your phone even when the car is off. So check on what phone charging features your specific car has.

Do Charging Phones in a Car Drain the Car’s Battery?

It’s highly likely charging your phone on the road is draining the battery of your car. However, it depends on the phone model and its battery in terms of the extent of damage that is caused. It shouldn’t be a major issue for new cars with healthy batteries, but if the car is an old buddy who’s been with you for a while then it might be better to avoid charging your phone in it.

Is it OK to Leave the Phone Charger Plugged in the Car Overnight?

Again, this really depends on your car. If your car requires the keys in ignition for the battery to power the cigarette or USB port, then nothing will happen to your phone or car battery. But if your car can support charging even when it is off then your car battery may be drained a little.

car usb phone charger

Will a Car Charger Damage a Smartphone?

One of the biggest nightmare for any phone owner would be if your phone was being recharged and damaged at the same time while you’re on the road. Much to our dismay, the car charger could potentially damage your phone battery.

Phones usually use 5V which the charging adapter is normally able to safely regulate the voltage whilst charging. When you use the cigarette lighter for your charger, the voltage it provides is 12V which is a lot more power. If your adapter is faulty or malfunctioning, it can send too much power and diminish the health of your phone.

Does an iPhone Charge Quicker with a Car Charger or at Home?

In terms of safety, it’s always better to charge your phone at home. But of course, most people want to have their phone revived as soon as possible. The usual answer would be home sweet home. However, the amp rating of the charging port determines the speed where the higher the amp rating is, the faster your phone will charge.

Our Car Phone Chargers

Despite all the things you should keep in mind when charging your phone in your car, desperate calls call for desperate measures. You’re in luck because we have a range of products of that are suitable for your car. From the classic USB charging cables to cigarette port adaptors (for times when you need a little more juice) we have products that will suit your needs on the road.

Check out our online store for more info about our car phone chargers. But if you feel overwhelmed with information overload, no worries. Feel free to shoot us an email or speak to one of our helpful staff in our nearest store across Australia and New Zealand and we will be glad to help you out.

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