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Biodegradable Phone Cases

Are you sick of constantly being reminded that the cheap plastic case protecting your phone will inevitably add to the 1.5 billion phone cases thrown away each year? Put your conscience at ease by converting to a biodegradable phone case for your iPhone or Samsung! Gone are the days of worrying about the extinction of marine life knowing your decision is protecting the planet.

Biodegradable case for iphone and samsung

Environmental Harms of Phones and Plastic Phone Cases

Almost everyone’s lives revolve around their phone, and many are obsessed with getting the latest iPhone or Samsung to show off to their friends. Is life without faster internet connection and amazing camera quality really worth living? However, this causes rising numbers in unused old phones that pose an increasing problem for the environment. The materials used to produce phones are not biodegradable and are bio accumulative, meaning they build up toxic levels over time. When these leak into the environment in landfills, they may leach into water courses or contaminate the soil.

With more than a billion phone cases being produced every year, waste going to landfills has never been higher. Old phone spend centuries breaking down in landfills, leaving toxic residues to flow out into our oceans. This is because plastic does not biodegrade. When these plastic cases do break down, the nano plastics that we end up with are detrimental to human health. The chemical compound BPA found in plastic is also bad for the environment, and long exposure has been found to negatively affect health. This is why it is crucial for us to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our waterways and landfills.

What are Biodegradable Phone Cases?

Biodegradable cases are perfect for people who are conscious of their environmental impact and are looking for eco-friendly phone cases. Our cases are 100% biodegradable and decompose in the soil after 3-6 months, leaving minimal waste in the environment. Switching to a compostable phone case will save on case waste, helping to conserve the planet and its wildlife. Slim, compostable, and integrated with protective anti-shock technology, feel proud knowing that you are protecting the environment and your phone.

Our Products

Our Biodegradable Phone Cases are available for an array of iPhone and Samsung models.


Biodegradable case for iphone and samsung


Sustainability and style can be combined with our additional free customisation on all cases. Make it unique by adding whatever text you desire, whether that be just your name, initials, favourite quote, or an inside joke between you and your best friend. Your imagination is the limit!

Be assured that your phone is just as well protected as the environment. Its 360 protective casing is shock-proof, scratch-proof and dirt-resistant. Don’t worry about those heart wrenching moments when your phone slips from your hands, as it will be well protected from drops and scratches.

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