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5 Signs Your Smartphone Battery Needs Replacing


Battery life is probably one of the most important aspects people consider when purchasing a new phone.

Batteries on smartphones have significantly improved throughout the years, but despite them being the cornerstone of powering your smartphone, they aren't meant to last forever - they will eventually lose their capacity and quality as time goes and will start to discharge quicker than usual.

Signs of sluggishness may be misinterpreted by people as a consequence of insufficient RAM or processing power on their smartphones. But, having old batteries can also be the culprit in slowing down your mobile device, and eventually this will lead to your smartphone ceasing all its functioning capabilities, and you'll be left with a blacked out device.

However before that happens, here are some signs that you should replace your phone battery.

1) Battery Capacity Decreases Over Time

It's well known that battery slowly degrades over time, and it's capacity to function at an efficient rate reduces gradually - occurring over many charge cycles. This means you won't necessarily be aware of this degradation until you realise you used to get a few more hours of battery power from a single charge.

You can try to slow this down by properly caring for your device or avoiding leaving your battery to 0% before you charge it.

However, it's impossible to avoid battery degradation as batteries are not manufactured to last forever.

If no matter what you do, your battery still does not last it may be a sign that your battery needs replacing. You can either purchase a new phone or better yet, get a battery replacement service. 

2) The phone is getting older

Average smartphones are meant to last between 24 to 36 months which equates to around two to three years. And if you were to charge your phone once each day, your phone would have experienced over 700 charging cycles (Charging cycles are when your phone charges from 0% to 100%). 

With that said, an average smartphone battery is designed to last between 300 to 500 charging cycles, so when you arrive around the 18 to 24 month mark since you purchased your phone, there's a high chance that your battery is getting worn out.

However, if your phone still operates efficiently and you don't feel the need to replace your current phone with a new phone, you can always get a battery replacement. 

3) Battery drains quickly

If your battery runs out faster than usual, it's a tell-tale sign that your battery needs to be replaced. An efficient and good running phone battery should last between 8 to 11 hours, depending on usage. But if you find your phone going from 100% to 0% within a few hours despite not using it, it may be time for a battery change.

4) Battery feels hot to touch

Sometimes a phone may feel hot to touch due to having too many active apps running in the background or you've been using your phone under direct sunlight.

However, if your phone constantly overheats and feels hot to the touch despite under normal usage, this may be a sign of battery damage and should be addressed immediately by either getting your phone looked at by a specialist and having the battery replaced.

Additionally, if your phone gets super hot while you're charging it, this could also be an indication of a potentially faulty battery.

5) Charging Cycles Don’t Fully Recharge the Phone

Another sign that your battery may be in dire need of a replacement is when reaching a full charge a typical charging cycle time frame seems impossible. Most phones, on average, require around 4 to 6 hours to go from 0% (completely drained) to 100% (full battery).

However, if you feel like your phone is taking a long time to charge (maybe more than 8 hours), you might need to say goodbye to your phone battery and get it replaced. 


Happytel's Battery Replacement Services

At HappyTel, we offer battery replacements for an array of phone models. Just simply head over to our repairs here and you can book an appointment to get your battery replaced in no time.

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