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4 chargers everyone needs to know about

The one thing no one can live without is a charger. Without these, our lives would be chaotic trying to salvage the battery life of our devices. This is why it's so important to have a reliable charger that you know will get the job done quickly. Here are our top 5 chargers that we think you should know about because no one likes a dead phone!

Choetech Dual GaN Charger 33W

For those who are looking for a reliable wall adapter charger, then this is the one for you. This fast charging adaptor is the perfect compact charging accessory for travel. With 2 fast-charging ports, the Choetech Dual GaN Charger features a USB-A and USB-C to meet the needs of fast-charging multiple devices at once. It's 59% smaller than your normal laptop charger without compromising the charging performance, making it perfect for traveling.

The GaN charger always puts your safety at first, offering over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection & short-circuit protection, meaning that your devices are charged quicker without overheating. For more information about our wall adapter, click here.


Choetech Dual GaN Charger 33W


Oscar Zeus 10000 mAH Powerbank

If you're wanting a charger that's travel friendly and won't break the bank, then the Oscar Zeus Powerbank needs to be added to your cart asap. This powerbank is one of our slimmest portable powerbank, ready to charge your phone or any other device when you need it to. The intelligent power management provides the most efficient charging option for your phone , as well as having a built-in over-current and over-charge protection IC that offers the maximum protection during high speed charging. Click here for more info.


Oscar Zeus 10000 mAh Power Bank


Oscar 2 in 1 Leather Magsafe Magnetic Car Charger

Here to provide a simple and easy experience charging your phone while on the road, this is something you should definitely check out. The Oscar leather MagSafe magnetic car charger is engineered to replenish your device battery while keeping your journey safe. It's built-in charging coil will automatically align your device securely onto the magnetic charging pad so your phone never gets lost under the car seats again! Made from high quality soft synthetic leather, you won't need to worry about this charger scratching the back of your phone. When you're on the road at night, the 2 subtle light indicators on the side will easily let you navigate where to leave your phone in the dark. For more information, click here.

Oscar 2 in 1 Leather MagSafe Magnetic Car Charger


Choetech 2 in 1 MagSafe Compatible Charging Stand

Why have 2 separate cords charging your devices when you can have 1 charging stand charging them both at once! Our bestselling 2 in 1 charging stand can be put on your desk or around the home to quickly charge your iPhone and another wirelessly charging device. While charging your iPhone, you can set it horizontally or vertically while playing your favourite game or watching a movie. This device takes multitasking to a whole new level! Click here for more info.


Choetech 2 in 1 MagSafe Compatible Charging Stand

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