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3sixT PrismShield Screen Protector for Apple and Samsung

3sixt prismshield screen protector

3sixT's PrismShield is the latest innovative screen protector in our range. It's the ultimate screen protection product that backs itself with an industry-leading device protection warranty. Loaded with all the features you need for easy use, application and protection, this maximum strength screen protector includes active impact dispersion and a lifetime product warranty. Check out its features below: 

Anti-Microbial Protection 

Silver ions provide unbeatable antibacterial protection, reducing bacteria by 99.9% in a matter of hours for the lifetime of the accessory.

Impact Protection by 3SSG™ Technology 

3SSG™ is a unique material that is a lightweight, flexible & shatter-resistant alternative to regular glass products. In fact, it is five times stronger than conventional glass screen protection products.

Easy Application 

With the addition of the biodegradable 'plug in and stick' applicator, the PrismShield make it easier than ever to apply your screen protector.

Touch Sensitivity 

PrismShield™ products retain your screen's full function & sensitivity while applied. Furthermore, this screen protector is ultrasonic fingerprint friendly to provide seamless compatibility with Samsung devices.

Optical Clarity 

The PrismShield offers optical clarity for a high definition pixel-perfect display every time.

2-year Device Screen Replacement Guarantee 

Unrivalled program in the market that ensures your device screen and PrismSheild screen protector is covered through thick & thin. Check out the warranty policy below.


Warranty Policy

With the purchase of a 3sixT PrismShield Ultimate Screen Protector, you are covered by the Device Screen Replacement Guarantee when you register the product within 14 days of purchase. If you break your device screen during the 24 months from the date of purchasing your PrismShield - you are eligible for up to two (2) device screen replacements and unlimited screen protector replacements (both at 3sixT's discretion).

  1. Once you've purchased your PrismShield screen protector, you'll need to register your product within 14 days of purchase at
  2. At registration, you will need to provide your personal and device details and upload your receipt.
  3. Once your registration has been received and validated, you'll be emailed a registration number, which you'll need to store in a safe place (you'll need this number to make a claim).
  4. You'll then be covered with up to two (2) device screen replacements and unlimited screen protector replacements (at 3sixT's discretion).
  5. To make a claim visit


For only $69.95, you'll be covered for up to two device screen replacements and unlimited screen protector replacements, potentially saving $540 or more (the average price of two screen replacements and two screen protectors).

Shop the PrismShield Protector online or in-stores!

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