If you have data issues on your device, there are 6 possible reasons

    1. Reboot
      It could happen because the device’s software crashed. First, try to reboot your phone by holding the power button and home button together for at least 10 secs.
    2. Carrier lock
      It could happen because the device is carrier locked (certain devices are locked into using only one carrier ie. Telstra, Optus or Vodafone). You can solve the problem by contacting the carrier to unlock your device.
    3. Sim card replacement
      It could happen because the device’s damaged sim card. You can solve the problem by replacing the sim card.
    4. Restore its setting
      If the camera problems continue after the Reboot, it is necessary to restore device’s settings. Follow these steps below:
      Settings-General-Reset-Reset all settings (This is the process to initializing all settings of the device. This means that the settings information stored in the device will be reset to the initial settings. Data such as contacts, photo and apps will remain intact).
    5. Restore device
      The next option is to restore your device to factory settings. There are two options to do restoring your device:
      If your device is still working, please follow these steps below:
      Setting – General – Reset – Erase All content and settings (This is the process restoring your device to factory settings) *WARNING – this will erase everything on your phone. Only do this if you have just backed up your phone.
      If you want to restore via iTunes, please followse steps below.
      Connect your device to iTunes – Turn off your device – Hold the power button and home button together until you can see the iTunes icon
      Now, you can find an iPhone in recovery mode on your computer. Click restore (Do not disconnect iPhone before finishing the installation of new firmware)
    6. Mainboard Damage
      Another possibility is mainboard damage.Q: What is the Main board?
      A: The main board (motherboard) is the core part of the hardware and controls all functions of the phone. Every part of the phone with a function is connected to this main board.Q: How can the main board gets damaged?
      A: The main board can get damaged from shocks (drops), dropping into water or even from pressure. Also, mainboard damage can also be caused by charging with a poor quality charger/cable. Damage to the main board can arise even there was no physical damage.Q: What happens when the main board is damaged?
      A: As the main board is the core part of the device, once it is damaged, it can make functions play up. The functions affected depend on the location of the damage.

Q: How do I know if the signal problem is caused by damage to the parts (sim card) or main board damage?
A: There is no way to physically find out if main board got damaged or not unless you test the device with a new part and see if it is working properly with a new part or not.
With this matter, we can help you through a quick inspection and can tell you if it will be solved by replacing the part or not. Please click the link below to find your nearest Happytel store!

Q: What should I do, if it is mainboard damage.
A: If It is a mainboard issue, don’t worry. We can fix the issue at Happytel head-office.

Most signal problems arising from the main board are related to its baseband. This can be repaired by Happytel Head office by micro soldering. Our success rate for this procedure is now 75%.

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