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Why is the display turning off by itself while having a phone call?

4 possible reasons your screen is not working during a phone call on your device

1. Dirt on your screen

If your screen is not working during a phone call on your device, this could be caused by dirt on the device’s screen. Most devices have their proximity sensor on the top of the screen, and it won’t work if something is blocking the sensor. So try cleaning the screen first and see if it works.


Q: What is a proximity sensor?

A: A proximity sensor is a sensor that is able to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact. It often emits an electromagnetic field or beam of electromagnetic radiation and looks for changes in the field or return signal.


2. Installation issues

Sometimes the proximity sensor is not in the correct position. In this case, we can make the sensor work again by re-installing it.


3. You need a screen replacement

It could happen because the screen got damaged from a drop or pressure. In this case, we can make the sensor work again simply by replacing a screen.


4. Mainboard damage

Another possibility is mainboard damage.


Q: What is the mainboard?

A: The mainboard (motherboard) is the core part of the hardware and controls all functions of the phone. Every part of the phone with a function is connected to this mainboard.


Q: How can the mainboard gets damaged?

A: The mainboard can get damaged from shocks (drops), dropping into water or even from pressure. Also, mainboard damage can also be caused by charging with a poor quality charger/cable. Damage to the mainboard can arise even if there is no physical damage.


Q: What happens when the mainboard is damaged?

A: As the mainboard is the core part of the device, once it’s damaged, it can make functions play up. The functions affected depend on the location of the damage.


Q: How do I know if the sensors are damaged or the mainboard is damaged?

A: There is no way to physically find out if the mainboard got damaged or not unless you test the device with a new sensor and see if its working properly with a new sensor or not. With this matter, we can help you through a quick inspection and can tell you if it will be solved by replacing a sensor or not.


Q: What should I do if the mainboard is damaged?

A: We can fix this issue for you at Happytel’s head office. Most proximity sensor problems caused by the mainboard are related to the mainboard’s sensor system and our head office can repair this by micro soldiering. Our success rate for this procedure is 85%.


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