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<div data-mce-fragment="1"> <p data-mce-fragment="1" style="text-align: center;">How to customise your case?</p> <p data-mce-fragment="1"><img data-mce-fragment="1" alt="how to customise your case with monogram or laser personalisation banner" src="" data-mce-src=""></p> <p data-mce-fragment="1" style="text-align: center;" data-mce-style="text-align: center;">HT Custom has a wide range of customisable cases, offering laser and monogram personalisation. Simply choose your case and enter your name, initials or a phrase to be printed onto your phone case.</p> <p data-mce-fragment="1" style="text-align: center;" data-mce-style="text-align: center;">So what's the difference between laser and monogram customisation? Before you dive into the steps to customise your case, check out the breakdown below to see which customisation option best suits your desired case.</p> <div data-mce-fragment="1" style="text-align: center;" data-mce-style="text-align: center;"><img data-mce-fragment="1" style="float: none;" height="600x600" width="600x600" src="" data-mce-style="float: none;" data-mce-src=""></div> <p data-mce-fragment="1" style="text-align: center;" data-mce-style="text-align: center;"><br></p> </div> <p data-mce-fragment="1" style="text-align: center;"><em data-mce-fragment="1"></em>Happytel offers two different types of customised cases: laser and monogram. These describe different techniques in printing and customisation. Laser involves laser printing, while monogramming involves hot stamping characters onto a leather (genuine or faux) materials.</p> <p data-mce-fragment="1" style="text-align: center;">Laser printing options allows you to customise on most cases, including biodegradable, protective and design cases while monogramming is best for leather cases. Laser options allow you to choose from 6 fonts and have up to 16 characters! Monogramming allows you up to 5 characters and the options of 4 emojis.</p> <h2 data-mce-fragment="1" style="text-align: center;">MAIN DIFFERENCES BETWEEN LASER AND MONOGRAM</h2> <div data-mce-fragment="1"><img data-mce-fragment="1" alt="laser vs monogram machine and techniques happytel" src="" data-mce-src=""></div> <div data-mce-fragment="1"><br data-mce-fragment="1"></div> <h2 data-mce-fragment="1" style="text-align: center;">CASE OPTIONS</h2> <div data-mce-fragment="1"><img data-mce-fragment="1" alt="customised cases laser and monogram case options" src="" data-mce-src=""></div> <h2 data-mce-fragment="1" style="text-align: center;">CHARACTER LIMITS, FONTS, AND FOIL COLOURS</h2> <div style="text-align: left;"><img src="" alt="laser vs monogram customisation" style="float: none;" width="1024x1024" height="1024x1024"></div> <h2 data-mce-fragment="1" style="text-align: center;">CASE INSPIRATION</h2> <div data-mce-fragment="1"><img data-mce-fragment="1" height="1024x1024" width="1024x1024" alt="how to customise your case laser and monogram case inspiration" src="" data-mce-src=""></div> <p data-mce-fragment="1">Β </p> <div data-mce-fragment="1"><br data-mce-fragment="1"></div> <h2 data-mce-fragment="1" style="text-align: center;"><strong data-mce-fragment="1"> Ready to Customise?</strong></h2> <div data-mce-fragment="1" style="text-align: center;">Click the buttons below to explore more options to laser or monogram your new case! Or scroll down to shop all laser and monogram cases.</div> <div data-mce-fragment="1"><a data-mce-fragment="1" title="laser customise your case" href="" data-mce-href=""><img data-mce-fragment="1" alt="laser your case button" src="" style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" data-mce-src=""></a></div> <div data-mce-fragment="1" style="text-align: center;"><a data-mce-fragment="1" title="personalise your monogrammed case" href="" data-mce-href=""><img data-mce-fragment="1" alt="monogram your case button" src="" data-mce-src=""></a></div> <div style="text-align: center;"><span data-mce-fragment="1"> </span></div> <div data-mce-fragment="1" style="text-align: center;"></div> <p data-mce-fragment="1">Β </p> <p data-mce-fragment="1">Β </p>
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