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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's day is inching closer and closer, and you may be struggling to think of what to get your mum this year. Flowers, chocolate, jewellery, all of these things have been reused in the past and you want to get something she'll remember and use for a long time. Well lucky for you, we have a range of products that you can pick from which will definitely leave a smile on your mum's face.


Phone cases

As much as they will always try to deny, everyone uses their phone 24/7, and this does not exclude our mothers. Gifting her a phone case will remind her of you everytime she goes to pick up her phone. 


Pick from our array of Case-Mate phone cases for your mum this year. Thoughtfully designed, it will turn her phone into an accessory for her to boast about. Does your mum drop everything in her hand? Even the clumsiest mum has nothing to worry about, as Case-Mate cases can protect phones from drops up to 3m high. The anti scratch coating will make sure that the cute design you have picked will not peel or scratch away, looking fresh and good as new at all times. The cases are also compatible with wireless charging, so if that's a non negotiable then worry no more. A Case-Mate phone case made from the highest quality materials is sure to leave a smile on your mum's face.


For the mums who have the latest iPhone, buying her one of our Magsafe compatible cases is another great option. Allowing her to take advantage of the Magsafe wireless technology as well as protecting your mum's phone, it's the perfect gift to give for this Mother's Day.


To celebrate all the mothers, we also have a special deal for you to grab! Buy 1 Get 1 Free! If you want to give your mum a phone case that exudes elegance and poise, then this is the perfect gift for her. If you buy 1 monogrammed case, you can get another one for FREE. Visit our store now to claim this Mother's Day deal. 


4 in 1 Magsafe compatible charging stand

If your mum is an Apple fanatic and has all the Apple products, then our 4 in 1 Magsafe compatible charging stand is just the thing to get for her. This charging stand is a multifunctional MagSafe compatible accessory that can charge 3 devices at once. The compatible devices that can be charged are Magsafe compatible iPhones, iWatches and earbuds with wireless charging. Not only is this a charging stand, but it can also be used as a night lamp. This is a gift that your mum will be regularly using and can sit right at her bedside table, reminded of you.


Cheotech 2 in 1 charging stand

An alternative charging stand you could gift your mum this year is our Cheotech 2 in 1 charging stand. With this you can charge your Magsafe compatible iPhone on the stand at an angle up to 30 degrees, letting your mum comfortably enjoy watching her favourite Netflix show or scroll through Facebook while charging her phone. She could also charge her wireless earbuds at the base of the charging stand. If your mum is someone who uses her phone more than she charges, this is the perfect gift for her. 



For more products to browse for your mum, visit our website now!

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