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iPhone Won't Charge? Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Here's what to do and what to check for when your iPhone won't charge or is charging slower than usual. This is quite a common problem that occurs and we usually get many customers coming in wondering why. Here are the top 5 possible reasons why.

1. Your cable or wall adapter isn't connected properly

This might seem like a very obvious fix, but you'll be surprised to realise that your wall adapter was not connected into the power outlet when you tried to charge it. Either way, it's worth checking this before getting into checking the possible hardware and software issues.

2. Your cable or charging port is dirty

The most common reason for a phone not charging is that the cable or charging port is dirty and that the debris is disconnecting the charge.



Check for corrosion on the cable connector, or any fluff and dirt that may be lodged inside your phone's charging port. 

To clean your cable connecter, carefully use a cotton tip to apply a bit of rubbing alcohol (99% and above is recommended) onto the connector. Then using a toothpick, gently clean the dirt and corrosion off. Be careful not scrape off any of the gold connectors. Then get a dry cloth or another cotton tip to wipe and dry off the connector.

To clean your charging port, first turn off your phone before starting. Carefully use a sharp object to gently scoop out any debris that may be inside. Note that you should do this at your own risk and be careful not to damage any connectors inside the phone. Try not to use a metal object unless you're confident.

If you're not confident in cleaning your own accessories or charging port, pop into one our stores and our friendly technicians will help you with the problem. Find your nearest store here.

3. Your charging accessories are damaged

Check your charging cable and USB adapter for signs of damage. Do not use cables that are frayed or bent. Damaged accessories can cause electric shocks, fire, or damage to your phone or other property.


Need a new charging cable? Shop cables here.

4. Your charging accessories aren't MFi certified

This means that your accessories are not Apple certified and that they are unregulated and are usually poorly constructed. MFi certified cables are built with a chip inside the connecter that control the amount of current being delivered. Uncertified cables do not have this chip, so cannot control the current and can overheat your device and accessories. The cable can accelerate the age of your iPhone battery and excess current can fry the chip in your phone that controls battery recharging.

Need a MFi certified charging cable? Shop cables here.

5. Hard Reset Your iPhone

If you've checked your ports for dirt and your accessories for damage and nothing seems to be the problem, try hard resetting your phone. This will allow you to check if your phone's software is behind your charging problems.

Here's how to restart your iPhone 12, 11, X, XS, or XS:

Press and quickly release the volume up button, press and quickly release the volume down button, then press and hold the side button. When the Apple logo appears, release the button.

iphone-wont-charge-resetIf you have a different iPhone model, see here for Apple's guide to restarting your phone.


If you've tried these 5 solutions but your iPhone is still not charging, your phone may be experiencing some other problems. Find your nearest repair store for professional expert advice here.

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