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iPhone Screen: Repair or Replace?

No one likes to be reminded of their broken phone screen every time they pick it up. The mere sight of it makes us grimace. So then comes the question, do you repair the screen or replace the iPhone completely? Keep reading to find out.


Is it bad to use a cracked or broken iPhone screen?

A cracked phone screen not only is an eyesore to us all, but it also leaves your iPhone vulnerable to even more damage. Small particles can penetrate your phone through the cracks and reach inside into the delicate parts. These tiny particles include substances like dust, dirt, moisture and water which can cause potential significant damage.


Repair or Replace your iPhone?

If you've been wracking your brain trying to decide whether your should fix your phone screen or replace your phone, then let us clarify some stuff to make the decision easier for you.

In most cases, repairing your phone screen is the better option but a reason why you may want to replace your phone is if your current phone model is several generations old and you want to get the newer models that are on the market.

The pros of repairing your iPhone screen include:

  • The process is extremely quick and easy,Especially with our skilled technicians, the repair process is extremely quick. For an exact quote for how long it would take, click here.
  • Saves you a lot more money than just getting a new phone
  • It extends your phone life


How much does it cost to replace my phone screen?

At Happytel, we can help you with any of your phone concerns including a broken phone screen. Click here to for us to give you a quote right on the spot if you enter your phone model details and book for a repair service in one of our stores today! Our experienced technicians are more than happy to help you out if you have any more questions burning in your head.


Ways you can protect your phone screen

To put preventative measures in place, it's a good idea to have a phone case and screen protector to give your iPhone or Android the ultimate protection. To see our huge range of protective products, browse our online store right now!

Happytel online store

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