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How to get rid of Air Bubbles in your Screen Protector

No one likes to deal with air bubbles roaming about their screen. Here are some tricks to get out those annoying air bubbles stuck inside your screen.



For the small tiny bubbles caused by moisture, these usually go away after a small period of time so there's no need to try actively get rid of moisture bubbles.


Use a Card

Whether it's your credit card, travel card, ID, use a hard plastic card to press the air bubbles outwards. This is so that the air bubbles are forced to move out from under the screen protector.


Reapply the Screen Protector

If it seems as though the air bubble refuses to disappear, then it may be time to reapply the screen protector. Here are the simple steps to go through when reapplying your screen protector:

1.    Gently lift your screen protector off with a card or thin sharp object by the corner

2.    Clean your screen with a microfibre cloth with rubbing alcohol to remove any debris

3.    Wash your hands to get rid of any dirt or oil on your fingers and make sure you're in a dust-free environment

4.    Carefully reapply the screenprotector

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