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How to find the right wall plug for your tech

Wall plug, power outlet, charging adapter, power plug, whatever it is you call it, you definitely have them around your house to power your devices. Here's some info to help you understand how you can pick the right wall charger for you.


What is wattage

Wattage is the measurement of the charging power of a wall plus or powerbank. So when you read what the wattage of the wall charger is, the higher the figure the higher the charging power it has.


Why is it important?

For every phone model that you own, there is a maximum wattage that your mobile can accept when charging. To maximise your charging time, it's best that you match your phone with a wall outlet that has a matching wattage.


Is your wall plug wattage higher than your phone?

Not to worry! Just because the power plug you have has a higher wattage than your phone's maximum wattage doesn't mean its going to be fried from the excess power. Thanks to the incredible technology of your phone, it can control how much charging power it receives  to prevent overheating and maintain battery health.


Recommended products

We have a range of wall adapters for to browse through and add to your cart.

Choetech Dual GaN Charger 33W

Choetech Dual GaN Charger 33W

This wall charger can simultaneously provide fast charging for 2 devices with its USB-A and USB-C port. It takes up minimal space, making it travel friendly and easy organise. This charger also automatically adjusts voltage output based on the charging device requirements.

Momax One Plus GaN Charger 65W

Momax One Plus GaN Charger 65W

With 3 fast charging ports, which include a dual USB-C and single USB-A port, it can charge multiple devices at once. The GaN charger allows your phone to charge quickly without overheating.

Momax Q Power Plug Wireless Portable Charger

Momax Q Power Plug Wireless Portable Charger

This is a 3-in-1 charger, power bank, and wireless charger. The real multitasking wall plug. Whether your in China, Australia, Europe, you can now charge your devices with this wall adapter.
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