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Home Office Tax Time

Now that the end of financial year is approaching, doing your taxes doesn't have to be a stressful time! If your dreading your tax returns being a small figure, don't worry because you may be able to claim more tax deductions than you think.

   Tax deductions for work related expenses

When you’re working, especially from home, you’re going to be spending money on things that you normally wouldn’t be spending your money on. These include things like a work computer, a comfortable office chair, and other tech devices that you may use while working. Work-related expenses are eligible for tax deductions, reducing the amount of tax you have to pay.

The general rules to claim work-related tax deductions are:

  • The items were used solely for work. If there is also personal usage, then you may only claim a portion of the item for tax deduction.
  • To claim WFH expenses, this must mean that the employee cannot work at the office and working from home is the only option
  • You must have records of the transactions to prove it e.g. receipts

To find out more information, visit the ATO website.


At Happytel, we offer an array of products that you can use to make the work from home experience seamless and enjoyable! 


If your work involves making a lot of phone calls or texting with co-workers, clients, or other work related people. Visit our store now to see the latest phones we have on the shelf.

Audio devices

Using wireless earbuds may be the perfect option to let you have those calls and meetings wherever you are.

Nori Studio Series True Wireless Earbuds

Nori Studio Series True Wireless Earbuds

If you’re looking for a pair of wireless earbuds that won’t break your bank and still offers a high quality audio experience, then the Nori is just for you. The 4 noise cancelling mics on these earbuds allow you to have clear call audio, which you’ll need while talking to people for work. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.1 for an unbreakable connection, you can pair this with any device from your smartphone, tablet and laptop. It has a sleek design that sits comfortably in your ears, making it good for the long meetings that last hours.

OSCAR Zeus True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

OSCAR Zeus True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

These wireless earbuds are a real bargain for the quality that the OSCAR Zeus offers. It has a great power efficiency, and every full charge can charge the earbuds for up to 6 times. When you need to pick up that important phone call from work, you can do so by simply using the earbud controls rather than looking at your phone screen. Because these earbuds are durable and lightweight, they are comfortable to keep in the ear. The Bluetooth connectivity makes these earbuds compatible with a wide range of devices, and can be worn up to 10m away from your device.

Home office equipment

Since a lot of people have moved to working from home, creating an office to accommodate for your work has been a priority for many. No one wants to be working from home and be experiencing all the minor inconveniences that build up and stress you out.

Wall plugs

If you’re working from home, it’s likely you’re going to have a lot of tech that needs to be connected to a wall plug. Look at our wall plugs at Happytel to see which one will best suit your needs.


Whether it be for charging or connecting devices together, you’ll definitely be needing cables while you’re working. Our cables are made of high quality materials, and make syncing and transferring data a quick and easy experience. You don’t need to worry about finding that one specific angle to use our cables. Visit our site now to buy the cables you need for work.

iPad keyboard

Bluetooth Rotatable iPad Keyboard

Use an iPad for work? Then you’re going to want to hear about our bluetooth iPad keyboard. It can rotate by 360 degrees, easily letting you switch between tablet and laptop mode. It has a slot for your iPad pen, so you don’t have to worry about losing it anymore. This keyboard will also protect the iPad and all its work files from numerous drops with its detachable TPU protective cover. The round glowing LED keycaps will make the typing experience more enjoyable during work.

Phone stand/charger

If you have a work phone, and need it to be fully charged and propped up then this should be added to your cart. If you have video call meetings on your phone, then having a phone stand that perfectly angles your phone is a must. And why not have it charge as well, killing two birds with one stone! We have a variety of phone stand chargers that you can choose from to make work easier.

Car phone charger

For the people who’s job requires being on the road all the time, this is for you. Having a phone die mid-drive may make work get disrupted, so having it fully charged at all times would be the way to go. Take a look at all the car phone chargers we have available to make your work experience smoother.


Maybe your work doesn’t give you the luxury of having a wall plug next to you all the time. Maybe you’re always on your way to the next location. If that’s the case, having a powerbank would be the smart choice. Browse our site to see the variety of portable chargers we have for you.

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