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Father's Day Gift Guide

We gotta show appreciation to the father figures in our lives for everything they did for us. Whether you like to plan way in advance or need a last minute Father's Day gift, we got the products that will leave your dad grinning. Check out our online store to see what other stuff you could get this Father's Day.


Oscar Smart Car Wireless Charger

Reminiscing the days where your dad would drop you off to your soccer matches or pick you up from late night parties, this is the perfect thank you present. A wireless charging car mount  will allow your dad to be on the go on the road using the GPS without having to worry about his phone dying. The sides automatically grip the phone so you don't need to worry about it falling out. It's so simple to use and convenient that your dad will definitely be thinking of you every time he's on a drive.

 Oscar Smart Car Wireless Charger


Oscar 4 in 1 Magsafe Wireless Fast Charging Stand with 42W Power Adapter

This is for the tech savvy dads who love their Apple products. This charging stand can charge your dad's iPhone (with Magsafe), AirPods and Apple watch all at the same time. But it doesn't end there, it can also be used as a night light with 3 levels of brightness. Your dad is sure to be amazed by this multifunctional present that looks sleek with its minimal design and matte finish.

Oscar 4 in 1 Magsafe Wireless Fast Charging Stand with 42W Power Adapter


Phone cases

Is your dad known to be kinda clumsy with his things like his phone? Then getting him a protective phone case might be the best idea. We have a wide selection of phone cases for you to choose from, so we'll definitely have something that suits your dad. For the practical dads, we have simple phone cases that will protect his phone from drops as high as 3 feet. And for the dads who like to show off a bit of style then we have design, leather, silicone and more.

Happytel Phone Cases


iPad 10.2 keyboard case

An iPad keyboard case is perfect for the dads who like to work on their iPad. These are lightweight and travel friendly, will protect your father's iPad from the occasional slip and allow him to comfortable type whatever he wants.

iPad 10.2 case


Wireless earbuds

If you've been noticing that your dad loves to listen to music or has been hooked onto a podcast then this could be a good option. Gift your dad wireless bluetooth earbuds so that he can fully immerse himself into whatever it is he's listening to.

Happytel Wireless Earbuds


Look at the curated gift guide we made on our online store now to quickly get your dad the best present!

Happytel - Gifts for Fathers

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