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Biggest iPhone 14 rumours

The greatly anticipated iPhone 14 is inching closer and closer, with new information and leaks coming out. Here are some of the stuff we heard that you might want to know about.



You're probably wondering exactly how much you should save up to get ready for the iPhone 14 drop. With some of the new features being incorporated into the phone, the prices for the iPhone 14 Pro line may increase by $100USD compared to the iPhone 13 Pro line.


According to all the rumours circulating the internet, the iPhone minis are no longer going to be made as part of the iPhone lines. They will be replaced by the Max (which could be called something else at the official launch), a larger 6.7 inch display.



According to a leak that has now been deleted, the colours available would be white (starlight), black (midnight), red, a light sky blue, and new purple colour.


New features and upgrades

If you're an android user then you probably won't be as excited because this is a feature that android phones already had, but the iPhone 14 Pro line is expected to have a new Always on display feature. This allows you to see the clock and widget chosen by you even when the screen is off. If you're worried about the battery drainage, don't worry because the display consumes hardly any power as the display goes from 120Hz to 1Hz.


There has been small buzz about the possibilities about the return of the touch ID. However, many think that a touch ID that is embedded under the screen like some of the best selling androids may not happen for many years.

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