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5 Must Have Accessories for Content Creators

These days a lot of people have been jumping onto becoming the next biggest influencer. But to create viral content, you're going to need a few essentials to make your life a lot easier. Here's a list of 5 products that are a must have for content creators.

Camera Lens Protectors

camera lens protector

These days our phone cameras are on par with some of the cameras on the market, which is why I wouldn't blame you if you've been using your iPhone or Samsung to make your content. Now having a cracked camera lens would be your worst nightmare because that means your content won't be the crispy high definition quality that you want it to be. To have a peace of mind, you should definitely invest in a camera lens protector. Our ultra high clarity camera lens protectors are easy to apply and will leave your camera bubble free. Click here to browse through all our options.



With all the editing you'll be needing to do while making videos and other content, you'll be also be needing a good keyboard for your PC. We have a wide selection of all kinds of PC keyboards and iPad keyboards to make work smoother for you, like small portable bluetooth keyboards and large keyboards for the home office. From minimalistic keyboards, classy keyboards, retro keyboards, we're sure to have something that matches your personal aesthetic so that you enjoy typing away to make content.  Click here to see what features our keyboards have which could help you with your work.

Car Mount Phone Chargers

car mount charger

Maybe vlogging your daily life is the type of content you make, or you just have to get to a lot of places everyday. Having a car mount phone charger will let you angle your phone perfectly to capture your face, and let you record your videos without the worry of your phone dying. Film your videos with ease using our car mount phone chargers. Or use your GPS on your phone while driving, and be able to have a fully charged phone wherever your going. Click here to see our range of car phone chargers.

Protective Phone Case and Phone Charms

phone charm

As a content creator, you're probably going to keep your phone on you at all times. To regularly post on your social media platforms, check important messages, take photos and  videos and more. This is why it's important to have a protective phone case, so that will make sure that nothing will happen to your most important device. Your phone will be protected from any drops, bumps, and near phone-death experiences! Click here to see our massive collection of all sorts of phone cases you need today.

Another way to keep your phone safe while looking cute is getting a phone charm. This is strap that connects your phone to your wrist, making sure that if you ever accidentally let go of your phone, it won't drop to the ground. As a content creator, you'll be wanting it to not only do the job, but also look cute. View our range of phone charms that emulate a Y2K aesthetic by clicking here.

Wall Adapters

wall adapter charger

If you're a content creator, then you probably have quite a few tech equipment that you use on the daily. Get a good wall adapter to help fast charge all your devices that you need. Click here to see all of our wall adapters.

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