If you have water damage on your device, you should follow these steps below

  1. Turn off the device as soon as possible
    Do not try to turn on or charging the device after water damage. If you turn on the power when your phone is water damaged, an electric shock will damage the mainboard very quickly.
  2. Bring the device to Happytel store
    Please bring Happytel as soon as possible so that Happytel technician can examine your device. The most important thing to do after water damage is to carry out internal cleaning quickly. If it is possible to wash within 12 hours, the probability of success is close to 100 percent.

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What does Happytel do for water damage?

  1. Cleaning and Drying
    Our qualified technician will clean and dry all parts after disassembly.
  2. Testing
    Technician will determine if the essential functions of the device are working properly.
  3. Replacing the defected part
    If there are any damaged parts, we will replace them after confirming with you.

If it does not work at all after the initial water damage treatment?

  1. Mainboard Damage
    Another possibility is mainboard damage.
    Q: What is the Main board?
    A: The main board (motherboard) is the core part of the hardware and controls all functions of the phone. Every part of the phone with a function is connected to this main board.

    Q: How can the main board gets damaged?
    A: The main board can get damaged from shocks (drops), dropping into water or even from pressure. Also, mainboard damage can also be caused by charging with a poor quality charger/cable. Damage to the main board can arise even there was no physical damage.

    Q: What happens when the main board is damaged?
    A: As the main board is the core part of the device, once it is damaged, it can make functions play up. The functions affected depend on the location of the damage.

Q: How do I know if the phone does not work due to damage to the device’s parts or main board damage?
A: There is no way to physically find out if main board got damaged or not unless you test the device with a new part and see if it is working properly with a new part or not.
With this matter, we can help you through a quick inspection and can tell you if it will be solved by replacing a part or not. Please click the link below to find your nearest Happytel store!

Q: What should I do, if it is mainboard damage?
A: If It is a mainboard issue, don’t worry. We can fix the issue at Happytel head-office.

Most water damage problems arising from the mainboard can be repaired by the Happytel Head office by micro soldering. Our success rate for this procedure is now 85%.

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