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Oscar Advance Anti-bacterial Copper Film Coating

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Key features:

  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria on surfaces within 30 minutes

  • Great for bacteria protection

  • Permanent antimicrobial effect

  • Safe and harmless to humans

COPPER VS Bacteria:
Advanced anti-bacterial copper coating that kills 99.99% of bacteria.
At the frontlines of reducing the spread of bacteria, this antimicrobial copper can rapidly deactivate
viruses within a couple of minutes from when the bacteria touch the surface, which not only helps
in bacteria prevention but is harmless to humans.

What is antimicrobial Copper Film?:
A multi-purpose adhesive that fights the spread of coronavirus.
Virus and bacteria are known to proliferate for at least 5 days on surfaces such as plastic, ceramic
tile, glass, and stainless steel.
According to research, our Antimicrobial Copper Film can diminish the lifespan of bacteria on surfaces from days to minutes.

How to use antimicrobial Copper Film:
Installing our Antimicrobial Copper Film is quick and easy.
1. Wipe down the surface you wish to apply the film
2. Peel adhesive layer off the plastic sheet
3. Apply to the desired surface
The film can also be cut into any desired shape so it can be used for small areas as well as large.
*if the film is torn or damaged, please replace the entire film for maximum effectiveness

Where it can be used:
Our copper film has a variety of applications. It can be applied to PVC, ceramic, glass, stainless steel
among other materials.
Some effective places to use our antimicrobial film are:
Cart handles
Mobile phones
Touch screens/card readers
Elevator buttons
Door handles

Copper materials could kill bacteria? Check out this news article.


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