Our loan phone service for your send-in repair is created to eliminate as much disruption in your daily life. We want you to stay connected with an iPhone 5C and enjoy all the benefits of having a mobile phone. The iPhone 5C is one of the most durable iPhones ever and the features of this phone allows to experience all of the essentials that you’d need on a daily basis.
Our service is simple and easy. Just follow the instructions below and you’ll be on your way to getting your phone fixed and have a mobile phone for the period of your repair.
Enjoy, as we help you stay connected.




Apply for Send In Repair with loan phone

Send deposit invoice

Receive invoice and pay deposit

Send loan phone with “Send In Repair Package”

Receive loan mobile phone /
Package phone to be repaired and send inside labelled box

Receive and repair broken device /
Send repair invoice

Make payment for repair

Confirm payment and send device including 2nd return label

Receive fixed phone / Return loan phone

Refund deposit

Click below to begin your repair and loan phone process