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Why is my iPhone battery draining even when charging?

I know what you’re thinking. The seemingly impossible thing has happened where your iPhone battery is going down when it should be going up. Here are some of answers to make sense out of this dilemma.

iPhone battery draining

Why is my phone losing charge while plugged in?

There are several possible reasons why you are experiencing this issue. First check the charging port for any lint or debris that could be preventing your phone from charging. Other causes include using a bad charging cable, having a worn USB port or the wall charger itself is getting weak.

Why is my phone charger draining my battery?

If your phone charger is draining your battery, it is most likely that you have too many apps and programs running in the background while you’re charging your phone. All those updates, notifications and apps you have running will strain the phone battery, which will cause your phone to lose power even though it’s plugged into an outlet. So make sure you shut down anything that is running in the background so it doesn’t affect your phone from charging efficiently.

Why is my phone losing battery while off?

Annoying as it is, it’s quite normal for your phone to be slowly drained even when the screen is off. Most likely you have apps that are still running in the background and still receive notifications. It could also be caused by low battery health. If it is becoming a serious issue, come to one of our Happytel stores so our experienced technicians can solve it for you.

Can a virus drain a phone battery?

Yes, a virus can potentially drain your phone battery. Malware and viruses that infect mobile devices can cause a range of problems, with excessive battery drainage being one of them. This is because malware can run processes in the background that consume significant amounts of power, even when the phone is not being actively used.

Can a software update fix the battery drain problem?

Yes, having the latest software or installing an update cna sometimes fix battery drain problems on your device. In fact, many software updates released by device manufacturers and app developers often include optimisations and bug fixes that can improve battery life and reduce power consumption. 

Battery drain issues can be caused by various factors like poorly optimised apps, bugs in operating systems, or other software related issus. A software update cna address soem of these issues by improving the efficiency of the operating system and apps, fixing bugs that may be causing the battery drain, and optimising power management settings. 

However, it's important to note that not all battery drain problems can be fixed with a software update. If the battery drain is caused by a faulty battery or hardware issues, then a software update may not be the best solution. In such cases, it may be necessary to replace the battery or check with a certified repair technician. 

Does dropping my cell phone down affect its battery life?

Dropping your cell phone can potentially affect its battery life, but not in the way that you might expect. The impact of the drop on the battery wlll depend on numerous factors, such as the severity of the drop, the type of phone you have, and the condition of the battery before the drop. 

If the drop causes physical damage to either the battery or the phone, such as a cracked screen or a dent, this can potentially result to battery performance issues over time. Additionally, if the phone's internal components are damaged, this could also affect the battery life. However, if the drop is minor and doesn't cause any physical damage, then the battery life may not be impacted at all. 

In generla, it's a good idea to take care of your phone and avoid dropping it whenever possible. If your phone does get dropped, it's a good idea to check for any physcial damage and monitor the battery performance to ensure it's functiong sufficiently. 

If I reset it, will it help?

Restarting your phone can drastically improve your battery life. Whilst fixing your battery drainage issues, force restarting your phone can also prevent new problems from developing by refreshing the system.

A factory reset should be a last resort solution to improve your battery life issue. This is because a factory reset will remove all your apps and data from your device

I'm having issues with my phone battery

If you're experiencing major issues with your phone battery and the information above doesn't seem to be answering your questions, drop by one of our repair stores! We have highly trained and experienced technicians who will be able to answer specific questions and fix your phone battery issues. See which one of our Happytel Repair stores are closest to you in Australia or New Zealand.

happytel store locations

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